Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer Comments on Uncharted 3: World of Deceit

The big story this morning has been the apparent revealing of Uncharted 3: World of Deceit. After Amazon France posted a listing for the title along with some concept art, stories have run wild on the game, the setting, and whether the concept art and title are true. Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer has made a comment about this topic.

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Prcko2913d ago

Bah,2 bad :((
I hope to see new Uncharted at vga :D

Headquarters112913d ago

Yup. People here seem to forget quickly. Wasn't this confirmed as fake a few weeks back?

SuperM2913d ago

Arne Meyer did not however say that Uncharted 3 World of Deceit is fake news. Just that the guy made these shots for his class. If its true that this guy has been doing work for sony then you never know.

morganfell2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Exactly Kevin. The art style is too similar to Uncharted 2. I would tell them to set the game in Central and South America and say hello to the mystery of Machu Picchu. They could also tie it in to the mystery of the Lusitania or the Tunguska event.

hakis862913d ago

And personally I'd love to see Uncharted 3 going somewhere like Egypt (since I was there on vacation - pyramids and Egyptian mythology is awesome), Greece or India.
Or just blow us away somewhere else - the setting doesn't matter that much, Uncharted 3 will be awesome anyway!

Comet2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I'm glad that was fake! I didn't like the location [India].
I hope they bring the adventure to Atlantis!

CrimsonFox132913d ago

Some people still think it's true. Go to his blog, and since the blog doesn't say when it was posted, view the comments. The comments have dates. They're dated March 4, 2010. A pretty long time ago, huh? Definitely fake.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2913d ago

Shut it Butler before I shut it for you!

hobo512913d ago

i would laugh so hard if the big twist at the end of this game is they go to space and they discover the covenant, turns out uncharted is a prequel to halo LMAOOOO, no but seriously, they go all out on their twists.

MasterGuru2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Darn. I was hoping for it to be released in the first half next year but Naughty Dog doesn't seem like they want to unveil any info on the game.


Atlantis would be great! Brilliant idea!

UltraNova2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Yeah man exactly what I was thinking, imagine Nathan discovering the lost city of Atlantis! Its widely believed to be submerged somewhere in the Aegean sea in Greece (I doubt it exists). I cant imagine a country with more archeological sites than Greece! Yeap Uncharted 3: The Lost City would be perfect!

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Acquiescence2913d ago

World Of Deceit was a badass title for a third installment as well :(

GoldPS32913d ago

I must say the guy done a good job. He has skills and Naughty Dog should think about hiring him.

Cenobia2913d ago

Yeah, this also gave him a lot of exposure. Maybe it will help him land a job.

acedoh2913d ago

Some of you are to quick to believe anything. And by that I mean comments by Naughty Dog. Do you think Naughty Dog would come out and say, "Yes this is our next game. Now since the cats out of the bag let's give you all the details." I am still going to say there is some truth to this.

thePatriot2913d ago

and they get help from solid snake and donkey kong

Thatguy-3102913d ago

im glad it was fake i wasnt feeling the location ... however it could be just one of the many places drake goes just like in Uncharted 2:) Crossing my fingers for an Atlantis location XP... however anything that ND comes up with well be fine because at the end we all know that its gonna be a hell of a game and hopefully it surpasses Uncharted 2 in many ways

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silkrevolver2913d ago

...still, I’m excited for when Uncharted 3 will actually be revealed.

-Alpha2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I'm crossing my fingers for Egyptian mythology-- with an emphasis on puzzles and platforming over shooting.

Hidden passages/areas, crawlspaces, scarabs, mummies, looters, treasures, traps, pyramids-- oh my!

First it was water, then it was snow, and next it should be sand!

Troll_Police2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I'm loving your idea Alpha. Naughty Dog first mastered water, and then snow, so I love to see them master sand as well.


If it's in Egypt, mummies could be the surprise creatures near the end of the game this time. However, Akiraburn makes a good point about Uncharted 1 being jungle themed so I love the Atlantis idea too. Either way, they can't go wrong. Hey, which ever they do next they can do the other in Uncharted 4!

-Alpha2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

How about a sub-name? Sands of Time sounds awesome if it wasn't already taken.

I can picture it now: puzzles relying on light/dark (sun and moon, in fusion with the mythology), platforming huge sand pits and underground tunnels, etc.

akiraburn2913d ago

@Alpha-male, I'm also hoping for either Egypt or Atlantis as the setting of the next game. I think Drake's Fortune was more like "Jungle" themed than "Water". So I think Atlantis or Egypt would be prime for the next title. I really hope they expand even further on their online component, because Uncharted 2's was amazingly fun and with the experience they've had now, I can't imagine how good the next title may be in this department. Ideally, I would like to see at least double the number of co-op missions, and the number/variety of weapons and overall options with competitive matches increased. The only other thing I would ask for, it to maybe have a little more value or emphasis put on leveling up.

SaberEdge2913d ago

Yeah, your descriptions evoked strong imagery for me and got me really liking the idea. Egypt is a place with so much mythology and history. I hope it makes an appearance in a future Uncharted game. I do like the globe-trotting aspect of Uncharted 2, though.

thehitman2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Alpha but uncharted is not tomb raider the action is what makes UC not boring puzzles and other stuff. The day they make it more like that UC will be ruined.

Edit: @ aplha Idk I still think UC is perfect way it is if they try something different they may mess up what makes it so great. I remember playing PrinceofPersia and the mirror puzzle had me stuck for like 1hr was fun though game was amazing but thats something Id like to see in games like prince of persia and not uncharted. Just hope they stay away from tomb raider style I hated tomb raider.

-Alpha2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Well just because Tomb Raider was set in Egypt doesn't mean Uncharted can't or that ND can't offer something in their own style.

I like the shooting, it's just that I feel in UC2 the puzzles (specifically) could have been stronger.

Not break-the-pacing-"hit your head against a wall" sort of puzzles, but just something that requires some thinking. It suits well with the Egypt theme.

I like the action of UC2, don't get me wrong the setpieces are brilliant, but Egypt just screams puzzles and mythological elements.

I know ND can pull off the humor and light-hearted action too. I can also imagine doing a setpiece in sand-- imagine discovering a lost city or something-- you are running away and the sand is starting to cave in into some sort of sinkhole (kind of like the ending to UC2).

It'd be a cool story-- discovering a lost, mythological city.

Lucreto2913d ago

I would love an Egypt one with the big secret is the pyramids are spaceships.


Its been done.

Dee_912913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

but I dont agree with more puzzle less shooting part
i would like more puzzles and keep the shooting .. And MORE hand to hand combat !!
fighting a "boss" without guns would be nice .. like the mgs4 finale .

But along with egypt i would love too see some missions in a city like london,paris or even england


bananlol2913d ago

Marko polos lost fleet and the golden city of eldorado are both myths. So the logical next step would be atlantis and i wouldnt be surprised if the "monsters" in this one are some kind of aliens. Now the egypt setting sound fine to, but how will they explain mummies in a none supernatural way?

BannedForNineYears2913d ago

Uncharted 1's first level had a big emphasis on water.
The rest of the game was jungles/tombs.
Uncharted 2 had more variety in that they had a lot of snow/ice levels.
But I think ND should make Uncharted 3 have sand and have a heavier focus on water.
But it's obviously not up to us, we can only speculate what ND will (Has?) come up with.

DaTruth2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Sure, tell the dev studio who got all the awards, how to make the game! Leave Uncharted as Uncharted, so it doesn't get screwed up like R2 after they took the advice of fans and made Halo: Fall of man!

Those stupid puzzles are what ruined Tomb Raider. TR 1-3 were good, but then the puzzles just got stupid to the point of beyond impossible and the combat sequences were few and far between.

BkaY2913d ago

prince of persia : sands of time... (its already taken)...

light and mirror puzzles were in first prince of persia : sands of time (ps2)...

prince of persia have one of the best puzzles.. (mind you i said one of the best .... not the best..)..


shadow27972913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

How about Greece/Rome? Throw Atlantis in at the end. Heck, wasn't Egypt part of the Roman empire? Variety is what made UC2 great. Something involving Rome would have a ton of variety. I just don't want a whole lot of sand or swimming. Swimming levels always suck, imo. And they already did the jet ski thing in UC1.

After the first two games, though, I have complete faith that whatever Naughty Dog comes up with will be great. I can't wait until we finally get a glimpse of it.

Thatguy-3102913d ago

i don't get it how did naughty dog mastered water ? the first game revolved nathan in a jungle.. the water effects are phenomenon but the game didnt focus as much on it like Uncharted 2 did on the snow.. Doing an Atlantis setting would take advantage of the water effects

Dee_912913d ago

oh im sorry
didnt know only one game could use a concept ..
so i guess that means no game can evar have a egypt setting :(

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WLPowell2913d ago

They could delve into how (in mythology, but in Uncharted's Universe is reality) someone hopes to use the swords control of the wind to make a giant Tidal wave to consume the world (2012 reference and Japanese mythology all in one) and drake has to go to japan to stop him... and the eight headed serpent from said mythology could be the final boss.

Klipz-Wish2913d ago

I want to see drake in egypt!

Jac5al2913d ago

Same here. Would like too see how Egypt would look with the uncharted engine.

GoldPS32913d ago

Yes I would like that too. Drake killing mummies.

Fishy Fingers2913d ago

"Nice try websites who should actually read the sources of their scoops and do some smart investimagating before posting. It's not rocket science."

Ha! Nice response, particularly liked "investimagating"

poopnscoop2913d ago

Wow, every lame "amateur" video game website sure looks really stupid right about now.

You guys know who you are.

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