Doujin Side Scroller Crescent Pale Mist Coming To PS3

Rockin’ Android is continuing their mission of bringing doujin games to consoles with Crescent Pale Mist. The North America publisher of Suguri and Gundemonium picked up the rights to Crescent Pale Mist a few months ago.

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Godmars2902968d ago

Can't help but think when I look at this why does it seem like so little effort is being put into DLC games. That there should be something along the line of PS1 titles, but there aren't.

Though this is a step in the right direction.

DigitalAnalog2968d ago

I want this to be Hori stick compatible so that it would feel like I'm in an "coin-up" arcade system.

-End statement

bananlol2968d ago

Now this looks awesome, like lbps evil twin brother with lasers and explosions! Anybody know of a releasedate?

TronEOL2968d ago

Alright, the Xbox can keeps it's XBLA Castlevania game, this looks much more impressive and fun.

Although I do love Castlevania's look and feel, this game looks to be fast. Lets hope for multiplayer of sorts though.

Godmars2902968d ago

It could still due with some polishing, which it might not get because of its import/indy status.

lightningsax2968d ago

It won't get any modifications. Rockin' Android already released 3 doujin shmups on PS3, and they're pretty much strict, faithful ports.

That said, I'm sure it doesn't cost them an arm and a leg to bring it over here, and they'll thrive on just their core audience buying this up. It's much more about the ideas than the polish or production values; as you said, it's an independent game. I'm pretty excited about it myself!

Panaru2968d ago

Doujin games always have such amazing music. Can't wait to buy this.

Redempteur2968d ago

it looks fun to play ...

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