New The Last Story scans

Check out scans of the Final Fantasy creator's new title, showing never-before-seen screenshots and a first look at some battle elements.

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boogeyman9993013d ago

We all know this won't be Sakaguchi's last story.

Mastodon3013d ago

Its actually a play on words that he wanted to push as his "last game". In reality its a play on Final Fantasy:

Last or Final

Story or Fantasy

He's got it like that...

gameseveryday3013d ago

Everyone wants this in the US so that means Nintendo probably won't bring it over

-Mezzo-3013d ago

True, i don't understand that why would they Kick a huge chunk of sales in the Faces like that.

pspgweber3013d ago

nice... Thanks for sharing.

PhilipLarkin3013d ago

I'm impressed - might have to put this one on my 'to buy' list

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