The Kinect Awards: The Good, The Bad, The Lookin' Silly

Bitmob recently got body-on at Microsoft's Kinect Showcase. Here's what they thought of what they played, in award form.

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Dark-Cloud2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

lol... just look at the pictures XD
if i had kinect i would have put it in basement so no one see me

a08andan2919d ago

Yeah. Are the people tiny or is the TV really large? That and they look funny lolz xD

feelintheflow2919d ago

I guess playing a game with the wii mote or with the move and swinging your arms around doesn't look stupid?? I know how dumb I look playing wii sports boxing, and I am sure I will look pretty stupid playing kinect. I have enough confidence in myself that I don't care what someone would say while I am playing. I don't play in front of an open window, People who see me play are my wife, or friends that are playing right along with me. That is probably the dumbest argument about kinect. Lag, I can see the argument, shovelware, I can see the argument, but how you look playing... thats just ignorant.

Dark-Cloud2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

i have move but i don't even stand up , i don't play anygame i see .. when i play re5 or heavy rain or mag or any move games i sit on the bed and play , it doesn't look stupid like this ... and ps move games are alot better then kinect games ...

and when i play i don't swing my arms or (anything) xD ... this idea is stupid , kinect can be good if it have controlers but this >.< ... even my little brother don't like this , i show him some videos but he said ps move is better , when someone play better game or anything he don't go play worst games ...
im not a fan boy , that's why i bought two xbox360 ( the first one i play online and the other one i play copy games ) but still ps3 is alot better , it's all about games ... xbox360 don't have alots of good games , even ps2 have better games then xbox360 and even better then some ps3 games ...

and i agree with u , i shouldn't be self conscious when i play games , they are for fun , but kinect is a stupid idea , they spend alots of money for stupid thing , they should have made games instead of this ... microsoft and sony always do the same thing , they copy each other and try to beat each other for money ... instead of making good games so people enjoy they both try to win money .. it's all about money .. this time microsoft lose .. lose alots of money , they don't listen to there fans .... the problem is that fans are defending something stupid and they already know it failded befor it released ! ... just take ps3 and enjoy instead of fighting , im talking here because i spend alots of money on xbox360 for just trying xbox360 games ....

Dark-Cloud2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

the only good games in xbox360 are :
fable 1-2-3
forza 3
splinter cell C..... don't remember the name but the game is amazing :D
gears of war 1 ( didn't like gears 2 ) i hope gears 3 good , i sold my xbox360 but still hoping for good games ...
Alan wake

they are good but look at ps3 games , ps3 games are much better then xbox360 and more then xbox360 games ...

the other games like halo are boring , they should have stoped making halo games after halo 3 , it's old - boring .....etc

i just want good games ... if xbox360 get more then 10 good exclusives then i'll buy it again , i just want to have fun , but now , it doesn't have future after this ...

last bubble -.- .... i hate this >.<

kyiren2919d ago

the first time people start scratching discs from jumping around and getting crazy like most kids will, parents will be returning the 360 so fast heads will spin. hard core players will put up with this problem casuals wont.

Wacky_Writer2919d ago

Most surreal moment: Seeing Sony PlayStation representatives at the Microsoft Kinect event, looking like they're having a good time with Dance Central.

acronkyoung2919d ago

"The sillier you look the more fun you're having." said no one.