WorthPlaying: Super Scribblenauts Review

WorthPlaying: "Scribblenauts was one of the most ambitious titles ever released on the DS. It wasn't a visual powerhouse, but the gameplay had never been tried before. It offered freedom by giving the player the ability to create whatever he or she could imagine and use it to solve puzzles. While Scribblenauts was an impressive title, it had a lot of frustrating flaws. None of the flaws ruined the game, but they were enough to keep it from living up to its true potential. Wonky physics and poorly implemented stages meant that some players had more fun on the title screen than they did in the game. Super Scribblenauts is not the most impressive sequel, as it's a fairly standard update with a few new features and extra puzzles. Thanks to the bug fixes and design updates, Super Scribblenauts also manages to be a far more accessible and playable game than its predecessor."

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