Amazing PlayStation 4 Designs, which one would you want to be real?

GB writes: "Last we week we did an exceptional list of some amazing Xbox 720 designs which was really appreciated by the community. So in order to keep the adrenaline going we have decided to bring to you some amazing PlayStation 4 designs made by some of the most amazing people around the world."

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seann2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

oh no its, do i really need to go through 10pages when all of it can fit on one page(which most gaming sites do)?

these designs dont really seem practical, including the design of the controllers. i like the red design (because of the color)

edit: nvm. the look like trash except for 5. a console that looks like a soccer ball is bad design choice in my eyes. i wouldnt be that offended if they didnt look like waffle makers and toasters (no.9 and no.10)

iPad2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

The PS4 should be like this


will112968d ago

None of these compare to the 360 slim.

R2D22968d ago

Sony is going to have to make a tuff decision with the PS4.

I love every feature on the lunch PS3 and wish Sony did not have to remove certain things. Sony will have to decide if they want to add all the awesome new tech that will be able at the time and sale the PS4 at a high price or just add basic stuff and sale the PS4 at an affordable price - I think that decision will be made on how the world economy is at the time but if the PS4 would release next year they would defiantly have to cut some stuff from the PS4.

morkendo232968d ago

images only thing i like was the 299.99 price tag for ps4

Dee_912968d ago

i think they should go full retro
exactly like the 1st playstation lol

DaTruth2968d ago

I don't care what the outside looks like, it's what's inside that counts... especially when it comes to videogame consoles!

IRetrouk2968d ago

are you for real?, the 360 slim looks more like the old ps3 than even the slim ps3, micro basically copied and pasted the ps3 design.

InfectedDK2968d ago

The only one I like is number 5

lovestospoodge2968d ago

he wasn't adding to will11's comment, he was refering to this:

HSx92967d ago

why the hell are there "ps4" articles, the PS3 is barely beginning.

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happyface2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I read once that ps3 lost all the profits sony made on ps2 and ps1

if so, will sony go ahead with ps4?

edit: disagrees? hmm, I thought sony would try again with ps4

El_Colombiano2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I once read a fail troll's comment in the comment section.

Britney Spears2968d ago

i read M$ never made a profit on the first xbox and lost 1 billion on rrod.

N4WAH2968d ago

^poster child that N4G needs to go back to split zones.

Daver2968d ago

All those designs look horrible.. One chance that this is sony who will design the PS4

irepbtown2968d ago

Most of them look alright.
Controllers are horrible and would be useless.

I like the currect PS3 controller and i think they should keep it.

MNicholas2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

They have way too many colors and shapes.

The PS2 and PS3 came out with classy, contemporary, and expensive looking cases and I would be surprised if the PS4 deviated from that theme.

MuleKick2968d ago

If you could give me #5 with the dual controller from #9 as an option I would be happy.

kanedaakira2968d ago

The only thing I ask it that they don't change the controller design.

Keeping the controller design the same as previous was, in my opinion, one of the the smartest things Sony did with the PS3. Pick up and play with a well-designed familiar controller.

When I use the 360 controller I'm all over the place. I'm not saying it's a bad design - it's just that I'm so used to the Sony Controller that everything else feels somewhat un-natural.

gameraxis2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

SUCK lol, not to be negative, but that psp2 design (the slide out) was a good concept, these all look like the jungle type of toys... i just hope they step one inch away from the rounded hub look and make it look hardcore, not to flame here, i love the ps3 (play it more than the 360) but the 360 slim looks nasty...bought one last month and wish it had on the inside what it looks like it has on the outside, or at least the storage device capacity, so we don't get whole wastelands taken out of games like rage just because of the 7. whatever gigs that dvd9 actually has available on it... I'm a "both console player" but i have to call it how i see it here..

i hope next gen both take an influence from alien ware, so that the outside of the console just looks like its a beast ready for some awesome use...representing that in the hardware of course...

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xYLeinen2968d ago

Some are is actually concept pictures back when ps2 was the thing and what they hoped the ps3 would look like >_>

THE MAX SPEED 212968d ago

1- Awful
2- Decent
3- Leap frog?
4- trash
5- Nice , would look better in all black.
6- rip that ugly controller
7- -__-
8- Tron frisbee?
9- thought this was a wii for a second.
10- Looks too much like a PS2 with a circular shape.

Matthew942968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

they are all crap/average except 5 which is "ok" but thats not saying much

ill just wait for sony to make a prootype and then we can all criticise them into making it good

(just referencing the banana controller where it took every sony fan on the planet to make them realise the controleer looked like crap and gave us back the awesome dualshock, well the sixaxis technically but...)

seinfan2968d ago

Make the one in pic 5 black, and it's good.

IRetrouk2968d ago

that controller was actualy designed to fit more comfortable into your hand. thats why it was that shape, it fit into the natural shape of your hand, they should have released it as an optional extra.

cliffbo2968d ago

yep, that is the only one with any reality about it. the other designs are just absolute garbage

GoldPS32968d ago

I think so too. I actually want PS4 to be a different color. They should also make Eyetoy built in.