CVG: Warhammer 40K Space Marine: Gears of War killer in the making?

CVG: "Here's a troubling thought: there's yet to be a decent action game wrought from Games Workshop's dark future.

Their tabletop battle game Warhammer 40,000 is wrapped up in a deliciously dark 'n' gothic science fiction backdrop, where a beleaguered humanity which barely understands the technology it uses to survive, is assailed on all sides by extraterrestrial threats."

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TOO PAWNED2968d ago

lol no. this is not cover based shooter. check your facts first

NegativeCreepWA2968d ago

Maybe you should go look at the game, it looks like a re-skinned Gears. Not saying its a bad thing thing, but everything Ive seen on this game screams Gears. Even the movement animations look like gears.

TOO PAWNED2968d ago

Sure BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE COVER SYSTEM. Go READ about this game and you will learn it. Instead of just clicking on disagree button like some robot.

TOO PAWNED2968d ago

FOR LAZY as yourself
"Because the game is so similar to Gears of War and other titles of that ilk, let's focus on the differences instead. First of all, there's no cover system. Relic producer Raphael Van Lierop said that Warhammer's Space Marines aren't the kinds of soldiers who hide behind rocks -- they charge ahead with everything they've got."


THE MAX SPEED 212968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

disagrees came from dumb fanboys. Dont mind them . I doubt they even take the time to read stuff. They only saw GEARS KILLER and agreed that it was one.

NegativeCreepWA2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I must of missed the part where I said it had a cover system. oh wait, I didn't.

If you watch a video of this game and don't think of Gears you've either never played Gears or you're just blind. I'm not trashing the game I actually can't wait to play it. But it is what it is, and it looks like a re-skinned Gears. Cover system or not.

despair2968d ago

@Scar 360WA

Basing all 3rd person shooters on the Gears of War model is not a way to look at games, from the one gameplay vid that I saw I don't really see the Gears connection.

As a big fan of Warhammer 40k RTS games the space marines always carry a melee weapon and a range weapon and Orks always attack in groups so what part of a 3rd person game would you attribute to Gears because they have always been super soldiers in stature and fighting style.

Sure you can say it has similar mechanics to Gears but you can say that about most games, oh and the only thing I see similar is that they are both 3rd person shooters, and next year when both are released I'll be getting this and Gears 3.

rdgneoz32968d ago

@TOO PAWNED Yep, no cover system in the game at all. I remember reading an article a while ago which the devs saying hiding behind cover was for sissies pretty much. Also, the game isn't a gray world like gears and a lot more melee combat than gears. Movement animations look similar? On no, guys the size of a house move similar to guys on steroids.

p.s. Gears' cover system, the idea was taken from Kill Switch.

edhe2967d ago

"a gray world like gears"

Dunno what gears you've been playing, mine have been full of all sorts of colours.

Seething bright fucking yellow for starters.

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NewsForMe2968d ago

No, its not even a cover shooter.

Cyrus3652968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Just cause it's not a cover shooter, doesn't mean it can't be like gear...there are other things that make a game like gears or doesn't.

Uncharted isn't a gears like game, even though it employs cover. It's better!

rdgneoz32968d ago

Uncharted is not a gears game. What makes Gears is the cover system which it places a heavy focus on (and "Kill Switch" started the whole cover trend in 2003), the gray color of the game, and its big bulky characters.

As for the topic, Warhammer 40k Space Marine is not a Gears game. Different color pallet for the game, no cover system at all (the devs said cover is for girls pretty much), heavy emphasis on melee, and they may be big characters, but they're tall like giants.

Cyrus3652968d ago

That's my point though uncharted isn't a gears game...yet it employs a similar cover system..

And I'm saying just cause a game uses cover system or doesn't, doesn't mean it's a gears like game, or uncharted game...

NewsForMe2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

""Kill Switch" started the whole cover trend in 2003"

Operation Winback had a cover system.

Gears of War was the first game to combine all the elements that most current cover based games have. Did Kill.Switch have smooth cover transitions or over the shoulder aiming? No. Did Resident Evil 4 have a cover system? No. Did Gears of War invent those things? No, though it combined them to create a complete package that is used in many other games now.

xTrueLegendx2968d ago

you mean uncharted 1 killer right cause nothings even comes close to uncharted 2


why would it be trying to kill uncharted 1.... everyong is debating how close or not close it is to being gears; big bulky guys in armour with Big Fu$k off guns and chainsaws and whatever ( spacemarines from warhammer were packing guns with chainsaws while cliffy was still picking his nose in 5th grade )

you bring up uncharted which is a puzzle solving,action platformer because it also has a cover system...??

warhammer space marines trying to kill uncharted 1

Raider692968d ago

Stop comparing it to Uncharted because they are totally different games and genders!And by the way this game is not been announce for the PS3!Its only PC and Xbox 360 for now at least!

despair2968d ago

yes it has got to the official site and watch the trailer, at the end you see all platforms its coming out for including PS3

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