Jaffe Says No to Twisted Metal Move Support writes, "Officially announced at the Sony E3 Press Briefing, we learned that Twisted Metal would be making its return to the Playstation 3 next year. While a few details have been announced, along with a few gameplay videos, some gamers have wondered if the Playstation Move would be supported by the title."

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T9X692914d ago

Good. Less time spent working on having support for a dumb peripheral, and more time spent on making the actual game better.

stickskills2914d ago

If they used the combo of the navigation & move controller, it could work for certain game modes. I'd stay play it competitively with only a controller though lol.

-Alpha2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I wouldn't really see how it would benefit much either.


Well I could see it being used for shooting, but it sounds a little overly complicated having to use the wand as a reticule in a game where you are driving a vehicle

stickskills2914d ago

Oh, I definitely agree. However, the navigation controller has an analog stick to drive around with, and then the move controller can be used to aim. I wouldn't personally use it, but hey, someone out there probably would. :P

T9X692914d ago

True, I'm sure it could work just fine, but it doesn't seem to fit in a TM game. Plus, I don't think every single game needs to support the Move, when most of the PS3 user base doesn't own one. Let's say it took them a month to get Move support working correctly, that month could have been used for a new map or something you know?

Neckbear2914d ago

Completly agree with you, buddy.

dredgewalker2914d ago

As much as I like Move, I think this is one of the games that won't work well with it.

gamingdroid2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I would rather have PS Move support in games that are created from scratch for it instead of getting games retro-fitted with PS Move support in sub-par manner. I don't know why anyone would want that.

How many here actually used the PS Move instead of their DS3 when both options are available?

MsmackyM2914d ago

Having the Move in TM doesn't make much sense on the head end. But if it could be used in conjunction with a racing wheel, where you could steer with you left and use the wand to aim and shoot independently would be awesome.


they could make a new game mode, one person drives with the dual \shock and your buddy next to you uses the move for the machine gun, but just for something like endurance mode or challenge type modes. IDK they dont have to use move like say Socom 4 but it would be cool if it was implemented in a new cool way.

Megaton2914d ago

Old news is old. He said this in E3 interviews. Interested in 3D, but not Move.

PS3Freak2914d ago

Driving games do not need anything outside of a regular controller or a wheel.

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TrevorPhillips2914d ago

Good. Wouldnt work out...although, having 3D support for Twisted Metal would be awesome everything getting destroyed right infront of your own eyes. :D

Ravenor2914d ago

It still happens right in front of you on a regular HDTV.


For a vehicular combat game, with speed of 150 mph besides of that shooting at the same time, I don't know you will play with Move.


I dont care about the support. just bring out this game ASAP

bustamove2914d ago

I didn't think it would work out though, in my opinion. That looks like a game you'll definitely have to use with a controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.