Redbox Adopts Video Games

"Redbox, the popular self-service/interactive video rental kiosk has revealed their plans to adopt video game rentals immediately."

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wat6342920d ago

Looks like my next door redbox may come in handy this time.

SnuggleBandit2920d ago

Thats pretty'll be great for those 4-8 hour games you can play in one night

MNicholas2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Should be interesting to see if it will reduce the number of movies they hold in those boxes.

$2/night is the right price to entice people.

Believe it or not, people are more attracted to $2 than $1.75. That's because most people can't handle decimals and find it off-putting.

Whole numbers FTW!

COINTELPRO2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It's easier to just put in 2 dollars inside the machine because it only requires 2 body motions (1 per dollar = 2 body motions) than inserting 1 dollar and 3 quarters, that's like in total 4 body motions (1 for the dollar and 1 for each quarter = 4 body motions) That's a 200% increase of body motions! So with this context in place I'd say that overall $2 is cheaper than $1.75 accounting for all factors involved.

Why the disagree? I work at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an Accountant. I know WTF I'm talking about. $2 dollars is cheaper than $1.75 in this particular case. Context people! CONTEXT IS KEY!

wsoutlaw872920d ago

cuz you dont put bills in a red box. You dont get to just use 2 dollars and walk a way with a new game. you need a card

Blaze9292920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

now this is actually pretty damn awesome. My local walmart (i believe every walmart) has one of these machines there. Would be so sweet to pick up a game for $2 or so and rent that out and easily return it with no hassle.

killajd2920d ago

now turns into my down the street video game rental place. But I smell lots of burned games for 360 ahead lol

Nick2120042920d ago

How do you guys feel about $2 a night? I guess its cool if you only rent a game for a couple days, but think about it. The basic plan for GameFly is $15.95 a month. That means in order for Redbox to save you money, you would have to rent out their games for no more than 8 days a month.

unrealgamer582920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It depends on the game imo, I mean what If you're not an online gamer?

That takes a big chunk out of the replay value, For example (M.O.H etc.) games you can finish On a saturday or any day off.

Also gamefly takes a long time to ship a game on my que to me, So I usually only get about 2 games a month from gamefly (And I usually finish the single player of a game In about 9 hours, And I usually rent single player only titles).

Also you have to think of the Impulse buyers, I mean come on If you're In safeway and you see a kiosk that says 24 hour game rentals 2 dollars you wouldn't go for It?

The only problem I see redbox having Is the expansion of theyre kiosks to have games for rent, Because right now They're aren't any kiosks that have games just dvd rentals(Also the selection Is ok from what I've seen on epic battleaxe (I'll post a link to It below)

P.S This could mean really big trouble for blockbuster (Blockbusters rentals are high and you need a membership) If redbox expands theyre kiosk numbers.

RoboRyan2920d ago

Agreed. I probably wouldn't use Redbox for something with a strong multiplayer, but for games with a relatively short single player campaign or a multiplayer component I don't care about. Case in point, I've really been wanting to play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, but I don't want to pay what a new game costs when there's an option that will allow me to pay a maximum of $6. It's not for everybody, but there's a ton of people who either play infrequently and don't want to pay for a Gamefly account they hardly use, or play so much that they have a huge turnover rate of games.

killajd2920d ago

= a bigger a greater market for these kiosks machines

B_Rian892920d ago

$2 per night is a bit high. I think I'll stick with gamefly & Netflix. Sometimes I rent games from GF and keep them for over a month, if I did that with Redbox it would be the same price as buying the game new

mrv3212920d ago

$Per night for new games sounds like a good deal to me.

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