Resistance 3 Details, Killzone 3 Editions Leaked, MUCH More - Nick's Gaming View Episode #28

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #28, Nick covers this week's latest news including the fresh new details on Resistance 3 and the accidental revealing of the Killzone 3 Editions. Nick also covers Microsoft's $500 million marketing campaign which is set to land on your food...literally. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

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Sanii2919d ago

Helghast goggles? Sounds kinda lame imo.

bageara2919d ago

they are 3D goggles :-D

Nick2120042919d ago

That cannot be the case unfortunately because Killzone 3 is being made in stereoscopic 3D and the glasses are proprietary to their own televisions. Unless Sony made them work only with Sony TVs. We shall see!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2919d ago

^^^ I'd wear a pair but only if they included the helmet/mask and voice-box that made me sound like Helghast...<little fangirl voice> OMFG that would be like sooo cool! </little fangirl voice>lol

bageara2919d ago

would have been awesome

Red_Orange_Juice2919d ago

why the hell this video starts itself, that's annoying

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ThatCanadianGuy2919d ago

It's da hiphopgamer showwwww..oh, no wait, it's justin bieber!

FACTUAL evidence2919d ago

500 mill on advertising kinect.......This is why I only play 360 twice a week less than 7 hours a week. Give sony 500 mil and you'll get 5 AAA exclusives. Shame MS. I guess it's really true...Once you become rich you don't know what to do with your money.

Nick2120042919d ago

I have never been into gaming memorabilia either, but it's cool for the collector's out there.


Now sony could learn a lesson from that and market KILLZONE 3 better than MS markets HALO

Nick2120042919d ago

I agree completely. It's a shame to see the quality of Sony's first party titles and then see the lack of marketing and advertising. If Sony had their marketing straight, I have no doubt they would have a couple exclusives selling Gears of War numbers and possibly Halo numbers. The only title I see doing that this generation for the PS3 is Gran Turismo 5.


I knw wt u mean, the painfull part is that all of sony exclusive titles r so much better than 80% of MS titles but they dont have the sells to show for it.

scar202919d ago

@Blackjjones the reason sony dosen't market thier games is because they rather spend it on quality titles for thier game fans.Than to waste $500 million on marketing it which could flop then they just wasted $500 mil.

killajd2919d ago

Thanks for the info... I cannot wait for resistance 3 to come out! Im sure its gonna be huge. Killzone 3 glasses are just toys Im guessing and not something else like 3d glasses??? If they arent Im not interested. Yes SONY wtf are u doing Learn to Market ur Games jeez...

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