Many facts about Diablo 3, StarCraft II and WoW: Catacylsm and Worgen

The site has an interesting Special published for BlizzCon 2010, which contains all the important news. In addition, the recently unveiled WoW: Cataclysm Worgen intro!


New Facts in the news ;)

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Sarazar2969d ago

BlizzCon is really great, but this year there is no big announcement.

thehitman2969d ago

We have SC2 expansion coming D3 coming and secret blizz MMO in the works w/e Blizz decides to show us will be amazing.

Dr-Zoidberg2968d ago

I know a little about the MMO from one of my friends but I can't say anything to you but it does sound great

Tobinator6122969d ago

i want a release for D3 :(, but great overall view about blizzcon

Dr-Zoidberg2968d ago

It is out next year according to my friend who works for Blizzard

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