Gameinformer | Reader Discussion: Should Devs Be Excused For Releasing Games Filled With Bugs ?

If you've been keeping up with Bethesda and Obsidian's recent release of Fallout: New Vegas, then you're well aware of the problems that came with it. Though New Vegas has gotten overall positive reviews, there is one common thread across the board: This game is full of bugs.

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ElementX2921d ago

This day in age consoles are able to have patches. If you look back to PS2 days and earlier, any game breaking bugs were permanent unless they released a new hard copy of the game.

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Cloudberry2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I stuck at never ending glitch after fighting with the Empress.

The glitch makes me repeating back at the first level WTF UBISOFT???

Philoctetes2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

First of all, not everybody has their console connected the web. People who for whatever reason are offline are getting the shaft when developers release broken games with the idea of patching it later.

More importantly, though, why should those of us who buy the game on Day One have to serve as beta testers for the first couple of weeks? Fans who guy a game on release should be able to put the game in their console and have it work properly. Obviously in a gigantic game like Fallout or RDR, you're going to have a few bugs here and there that the developers missed. But game-breaking bugs and freezing issues are just absolutely inexcusable and represent poor QA.

I'm happy to see that Obsidian/Bethesda got shredded in a few reviews for putting out a semi-broken game. F:NV is fun when it's running correctly, but it's important for reviewers to publically shame developers who cut corners. If they don't get called out for it, they'll keep right on doing it.

kaveti66162920d ago

"First of all, not everybody has their console connected the web."

That's their fault. You must use the console the way it was designed to be used. Sony releases important firmware updates to the PS3 all the time. If someone started complaining that their PS3 sucks and they've never updated it, then I can't feel sorry for them at all.

"More importantly, though, why should those of us who buy the game on Day One have to serve as beta testers for the first couple of weeks?"

Because that's life. Why do people who want to buy brand new 3D televisions now for 2000 bucks have to deal with the fact that in 6 months much better televisions will be releases for half the price?

unrealgamer582920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

But that doesn't excuse the fact that most developers have become complacent with releasing patches, So they just release a buggy game that should have been pushed back a month to hit they're target date (Mostly during christmas.)

Sometimes It feels like developers are treating they're user base as beta testers for the end product. -_-

Edit: @Philoctetes

That's exactly right, I'm glad some people still know not to take It up the ass from developers and then try to defend them.

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Cajun Chicken2921d ago


It seems like games are rushed to a release date now. The best idea would be to shut up announcing the game so early, then people wouldn't be clamoring for it. I mean, look at Bioshock Infinite, sure, it probably isn't going to be that buggy, but why release so much info and detail on a game that isn't coming out for nearly two years?!?

Remove the set deadline as given to the public, remove the problem.

Def Warrant2921d ago

Correction! multiplats are rushed. Reason why they will always luck the quality of exclusives. Reason why i stay away from $110AUS mediocre multiplats. All i gotta say is, thank you Sony.

NewsForMe2920d ago

So you're saying all multiplatform games are mediocre? I smell a Sony fanboy. Some of the best games are multiplatform. I could name a few mediocre games that are 360, PS3 or Wii exclusives. Since multiplatform games make up the majority of games a lot of them do end up bad, but a lot of them also end up great.

NYC_Gamer2921d ago

nope because games are rushed out too early and people shouldnt have to pay 60 bucks for bugs/glitches

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

It is not only Fallout New Vegas.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon rising is pretty much worse, broken with full of bugs and glitches.

Can't believe I paid $60 for that Beta game. I swapped the game for another.

This Generation, the Developers are giving to Gamers a lot of Innovation with great quality.

But also, a lot of rushed, broken games, and a lot of patches.

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