Uncharted 3: World of Deceit Listed on

It would appear that Amazon has once again ousted a game. This time its Uncharted 3: World of Deceit on Amazon France. We have translated the site to English. See after the jump.


Albert Ng has replied to Hooked Gamers: I'm sorry to say, but the artwork referenced in the article that is mine isn't for the new Uncharted 3 game, but was for an architecture class I took earlier this year. For the assignment, I was asked to take an existing Intellectual Property and come up with new levels for it, so I had decided to try my hand at Uncharted since it was the game of the year and wanted to work for Naughty Dog. I had clearly stated that in a caption on the bottom of my post to hopefully clarify things for viewers, but I guess it was looked over by amazon france. With that said, all the work on my blog site was created by me and it has no affiliation with the Uncharted team or Naughty Dog and their projects whatsoever. I apologize for the impression and mix up it has given. Thanks.

- Albert

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Kroganwrex2920d ago

We all knew it was coming. Cool.

2920d ago
DigitalAnalog2920d ago

You're losing bubbles.

Deal with it.

-End statement

Rhythmattic2920d ago


You are deceiving yourself....

Live with it.

visualb2920d ago

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New Alt account by a 360 fanboy. ignore, debubble and destroy.

inveni02920d ago

Why do you say it's fake. It's actually on the site. That's not fake. Maybe the game isn't real, but it's on the this article is far from fake. Just because there also exists some fan art means nothing.

morganfell2920d ago

Inveni0, do you not realize the date of this fan art?

inveni02920d ago

What I'm saying is that the existence of the fan art doesn't matter. It's a fact that posted the "game". Whether or not it's real is beside the point. It was called "fake", but the article is not fake. Is the game fake? Sure.

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Nihilism2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Pre-order bonus, 1 pack of escargot and a croissant.

lol, child disagree-er doesn't get the reference...look at the website...

.fr france......escargot.....crois any of this sinking in yet?

Raendom2920d ago

Maybe the disagree(ers) just didn't find it funny.

lepolohuevo2920d ago

So i guess if you pre-oreder it from america, you'll get a burger and a bagel?
Yeah, that's a bad stereotype ,don't do that.

Kurt Russell2919d ago

Joke fell even flatter in its face when the OP decided to explain it lolz

PopEmUp2919d ago

Nihilism is trying to be cool or funny, but instead he act like a totally douche bag

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bustamove2920d ago

Uncharted 3 is still coming either way, whether these are fake or not.

NoLongerHere2920d ago

Of course.

December Gameinformer cover maybe ? Like last year.

bustamove2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm excited for it. :P

Lol @ DOMination. Really, you can't be serious. Use a sarcasm tag next time.

hikayu2920d ago

mutiplat ... i have better chance buying lottery . actually , sony owns Uncharted franchise so ... no .

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DaTruth2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Uncharted 3: Dogs and Cats.

Uncharted 3: Apples and Oranges.

Really doesn't matter to me. I am buying UC3!

EvilBlackCat2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Let me guess:

- Its going to be the best game in the entire universe.
- The Uncharted Manual is going to be more valuable and holy than the (Bible Quran or whatever other religion manual/book you believe).
- The graphics can't be done by nature and life itself.
- The story is going to be better and more famous than the excuse "My dog ate my homework".
- The soundtrack is going to be more famous and recognizable than the sound of a fart.
- Its going to win an oscar.
- Its going to be announced for release this fall 2011 but then sony and nauthydog delay the game for fall 2012 because that way by hyping the game people will (maybe) buy a ps3 fall 2011 and then get the surprise that NO you have to wait 1 more full year just like how they did with GOW3, GT5 and many others.

- And yes just like Prcko(white ugly cat) said "Best game of this generation!!!! "

and we haven't see it or more importantly, We haven't play it yet.

oldjadedgamer2920d ago

They see me trollin', They hatin.

They tryin to catch me trollin' dirty

bananlol2920d ago

Well at least the last game had a functional online component, which is more than you can say about the competitions answer.

DXM12920d ago

obvious xbox 360 troll with 1 bubble but... Hell at least he trolls with style and makes it funny! Bubbles up for u asshole lol.

mantisimo2920d ago

This is on Amazon France and they did "Out" the ico/shadow hd rerelease so fingers crossed.

Not too sure about the title sounds OK but I cannot wait as I looked on Amazon I leaked from several oriffices. Yewww.

BulletToothtony2920d ago


yep damn right all of the above..

and yes you're still gonna share a few tears out of jealousy.. and be angry at your mommy for not buying you a ps3, just like u did with the last 2 uncharted

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vhero2920d ago

Why always on dutch sites with these so called leaks?? Wasn't the MAss Effect 2 PS3 leak on EA's dutch website?

xTHRASHx2920d ago

we also unvieled the Black Ops Leak

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Def Warrant2920d ago

Correction! Best new IP of this generation.

Nate-Dog2920d ago

Lol 17 disagrees just because you said it's not gonna be the best game of the generation. Shocking, then again, people are still ass-licking UC2.

abczby2920d ago

Mass Effect.

Uncharted is great, but it does nothing new.

Sorry, cry about it fanboys.

IRetrouk2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

i have played both games from both series, tbh uncharted is better. mass effect is good but overated, you say uncharted has been done before, but so have the whole space opera thing, each to his own though, both are fantastic new ips.

Mastodon2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Opinions folks...

Best game I've played this generation is Fallout - so that's one opinion. Secondly I enjoyed Mass Effect and a lot of other RPGs more than Uncharted because I prefer RPGs over Action - crazy right? Yeah I know I should be stoned.

And yeah I think UC is a little more overrated than ME

xTHRASHx2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

mmm bacon

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bananlol2920d ago

Well to me its this or msg4, cant really decide as msg4 is great in a serious way and uc2 is great in a unserious way. Im pretty shure tlg will outshine themmboth though.

writersblock2920d ago

I'd wait till you actually play it
Or wait till someone else has
Or wait till they start selling it
Or wait for the the first reviews
or wait till they ACTUALLY ANOUNCE IT

before calling it the best game of the generation

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Cloudberry2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I remember seeing this article awhile back about "Uncharted 3: World of Deceit" concept arts which the source was from Facebook, I think.

The concept arts showing Drake exploring some underground temples, and there's a statue of Ganesha which hinted that Drake would traversed to India in this title.

But the problem is...

One of the concept arts with the Ganesha pic, are similar with Uncharted 2 puzzle solving with 4 arms statue in Nepal, except in Uncharted 2, that statue wasn't Ganesha.


Thanks to Kevin_Butler above, here's the link about the concept arts I'm talking about;



Great title that "World of Deceit".

This alone almost lost me in the world of deceit it self about "Uncharted 3: World of Deceit" rumors are true / not.


Also, awhile back, before Yakuza 3 English version was officially announced, Yakuza 3 listed for March 2010 on Amazon Germany.

And it came true with the official announcement via PlayStation Blog sometimes later.

pedrami912920d ago

Sorry, but imma' wait for an official announcement from Naughty God. Anything else will be seen as a rumor for me. But......"World of Deceit" sounds pretty awsome imo.

wat6342920d ago

Uncharted seems like a fun game, I hope you guys enjoy the latest installment if it actually is true.

Now imma watch this sky rocket to the thousands.