Call of Duty: Black Ops already pirated? New leaked video suggests so.

Rumours have persisted this week that copies of Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops were stolen from a pressing plant in the US and their contents uploaded to the internet ahead of the game's November 9 launch. Activision is moving quickly to address this issue and has made a dedicated effort to remove any videos showing footage from the final build of the game that hasn't been authorised by them.

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MasterGuru2920d ago

Double post. This was also posted yesterday.

michigandevil2920d ago

This is just the leaked beta.

Fishy Fingers2920d ago

Pretty old news now, not only the video, but full torrents have been online the last few days.

Thecraft19892920d ago

Not true the torrent was fake its not been leaked yet for download but there has been places selling this online.

Fishy Fingers2920d ago

Oh really? I know a lot of the beta downloads were fake, but last few days a load of 6+GB full game torrents have popped up, they might be fake to then I guess.

Still, they're will be plenty up and working before the game hits retail.

Thecraft19892920d ago

I would no if it was leaked and promise you it has not.

What really happen is This guy from the site I go on got really big newbie to pick the game everyone chipped in to pay $200 to get it uploaded the guy charging $200 said he rob it from printing press or summat and newbie just kept the game for self and has not got the hardware to upload.

wicko2920d ago

Haven't seen any torrents on the private trackers for it but it might be available in other ways.

Just preordered on steam myself, kind of annoyed though since it cost 60 and theres no preorder bonus other than preloading the game.

Scenarist2920d ago

me too wicko .... 5 more dollars... and no bonus except pre install

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Speed-Racer2920d ago

Who cares.... Black Ops will still be a best seller.

cliffbo2920d ago

will someone please take all of these FPS and burn them. they are ruining gaming

NarooN2920d ago

Ruining gaming? LOL. FPS has been a dominant genre almost since its inception back in the early nineties. Of course, you probably think FPS first began with friggin' Halo or Call of Duty, so you can basically go fuck yourself.

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The story is too old to be commented.