Gamer physically attacked for online trash-talking

A student at Eric Hamber secondary school in British Columbia is recovering after allegedly being physically beaten up after playing an online game with a group of friends who after winning the game goaded their fallen opponents. Trash-talking ensued but the arguement carried over into the real world and the unknown but angry and humiliated loser exacted his revenge in the worst possible fashion. Physical violence.

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wat6342920d ago

Nobody has good sportsmanship these day, nobody.

DigitalAnalog2920d ago

This is just sad.

-End statement

pangitkqb2920d ago

but more real-world consequences would make various online communities much better. I sometimes hear such horribly racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks from online trashtalkers that I would be tempted to kick their ass if I knew where they lived.

Being online is not an excuse to be a freakin' jackass and people who act that bad shouldn't be surprised that it one day has real-life co sequences.

outwar60102920d ago

yh i totally agree with pogiboldy. These jackasses seem to be using the anonymity from online gaming to say some really nasty things. The article doesnt say who initiated the online slurring but yh thats the way the cookie crumbles

bananlol2920d ago

I get where you are comming from but alas i have to disagree. The power of words is relative, a word is only worth what you decide its worth. Physical violence however is not, that is a power that can be quantified.

Say someone here called me something, i wouldnt know you and you wouldnt know me so i vouldnt be offended because the word in this context laced any mening to me. And supposing we knew each other the word still wouldnt have any meaning if i for instance didnt like you.

I guess what i wanted to say was, if you resort to violence youve already lost.

Biggest2920d ago

I wouldn't say you lost. If you get your ass kicked you lost a little more. It all depends on what was said to be honest. If in your racist, homophobic verbal attacks you mention any form of violence (no matter how hard you wish to never see the person you're talking to) you are in the wrong. That isn't a green light for an ass kicking, but it saves the ass kicker some extra punishment in the court of law. I personally advocate for face bashing to ANYONE that feels that the internet is a safe haven for punk ass kids to act tougher than they are. A big idea for "gamers" is that they're just games. Don't get all mad about the talk. Since they're just games people should try to close their mouths and play the games.

bananlol2920d ago

im not a violent person by nature, probably since im really lazy, and i dont think someone could make me resort to physical violence without them resorting to int first. If some online punk really pissed me off i suppose i would try to use their weakness, lack of self-assurance(the reason the go online and insult people), and try to scar them for life by telling tem som really weird shit.

Anon19742920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I agree with some above. With no real world consequences people feel they can say whatever the hell they want. If they tried the same thing face to face - they'd get busted up constantly. I have to say, this brought a smile to my face. I've personally had a problem with someone who stalked me online, harassing me on multiple sites and I had to let him know this type of cyber bullying is not acceptable - the internet isn't anonymous for those who want to criminally harass and you CAN be held to account for your actions and have charges pressed against you if you continue those actions. He still breaks the "no contact" request every now and then, and each time he does I save the details so that when I've finally had enough - it'll all go to his local authorities. It doesn't matter if the harassment in face to face, over the phone or electronic - it's still harassment and even on forums like this, if you harass someone do you really not think that the owners of the site won't give up your IP rather then be investigated by the authorities as to why they were complacent when they had been contacted and made aware of the situation at hand? People need to remember that.

Online gaming is no different. Just because you're hundreds of km away from someone and have a mic in front of you doesn't mean that there's no consequences if you consistently act like a jackass.

AndrewRyan2920d ago

I agree. All this violence over the internet, people swearing at each other, threatening each other, all these preteen kids acting tough and teenagers acting cool and swearing out other players. Adults too. Remember, every action has a consequence, maybe this kid will think twice before he calls some guy on call of duty a "fucking faggot" or "a douchebag"

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Matthew942920d ago

probably at the same school or something

outwar60102920d ago

or his online tag gave it away


lol, i trash talk sometimes but never have i gone this far. this is a hole new level of hardcore gamin. i cnt lie i feel like throwin my pad on the T.V sometimes wen i lose.

lastdual2920d ago

Are you saying I don't have good sportsmanship!?

*gets out baseball bat*

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knifefight2920d ago

Good. If we beat the snot out of more people, maybe XBox Live will become a mroe tolerable place.

capjacksparrow2920d ago

Nice, thats why I play on PSN, people are much older and can't afford to beat people up because they usually have families.

Terarmzar2920d ago

No i wouldn't say people are more mature on either consoles, you just see less of it because less people have microphones for the ps3, that's all

Matthew942920d ago

yeah theres no trash talking on psn because noone owns mics yeah sony ftw! psn's da best!

Defective Bot2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Just because people on PSN aren't desperate for attention like the monkeys over at XBL doesn't mean they don't have mics. I have two mics and I only used them when I'm playing with people in my friends list, I'm not going to waste my bt battery life on some mouth breather just because I have a mic.

bananlol2920d ago

Thats strange, ive had far more strategy conversations with strangers on psn. I wonder why, i mean the only difference is the almighty party syst...oh.

lowcarb2920d ago

Dude shut up seriously lol.

King-Leonidas2920d ago

much better than giving free mics to 8 year olds.

Defective Bot2920d ago

Another thing the Micromuppets don't want you to know is that the voice quality is garbage on XBL, voices sound distorted, staticky, and muffled.

xino2920d ago

I won't be called a N*ger all the time, I won't have to endure annoying kids singing and I won't have to interact with morons.

WLPowell2920d ago

Every match there's someone always playing their shit music and singing along.

TekoIie2920d ago

I think that this is the case. Parents buying their kids console's go for the cheaper one or the one they ask for, and all i hear about from my Little brothers friends is "XBOX, XBOX".

I believe that kids are more interested in the name and believe it is cool and so they are attracted to it and their parants are happy to get them a xbox over a ps3 due to price

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Call_me_Ishmael2920d ago

these people are what making the gaming community
look bad

TekoIie2920d ago

people buy games and beat someone up, its a big deal.

I go to a football match and get trashed by the opposing teams fans and yes i will now and then join the crowd simply to throw my coke can so i dont have to go find a bin and this gets classed as "normal"...

The world we live in is messed up...

divideby02920d ago

dont need to resort to violence.

but those who trash talk, would never had the nads to do it in real life..
you can tell right away the punks who talk trash could never back it up in real life.

those who talk trash deserve what they get.. to me they are just spinless pizza faced kidz... say it to my face...never happen

Sheikh Yerbouti2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm of the belief a good deal of people deserve to have a foot planted up their butts, especially teenagers. I think if you are rude, racist, acting like a typical teenager...and someone beats you down, you have no right to feel like a victim.

TekoIie2920d ago

tbh we have no idea what this guy said, so all we know is that someone got beat up and have no idea if there was racism or offensive comments made against the persons family or if he just took things more seriously than most of us.

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