Can Microsoft Buy the Wii Audience?

If you haven’t heard it by now, Microsoft has revealed a $500 million marketing budget for their Kinect camera peripheral. Microsoft has made it clear: they want the Wii’s audience playing the XBox 360. Up to this point, the company has thrived off of a dedicated fan base. These are the people that have invested countless dollars into monthly releases, keeping the 360 a top contender in NPD software sales from month to month. The 360 has been the console where software thrives. This has been the case for nearly 5 years since the system’s launch in 2005.

Fast forward to June 2010. It is E3 and Microsoft is doing an odd impression of Nintendo circa 2008. In the span of nearly 90 minutes, Microsoft delivers to gamers a press conference meant to excite those that do not play games...

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MultiConsoleGamer3006d ago

Sony is doing the same thing. Only their actions are far more blatent, especially because the Move is a direct copy of the Wii mote.

I wont get into arguments about who created or used motion technology first. The simple fact is, to the average consumer the Move and its navigation controller look like a direct rip-off of the Wii remote.

With that said, I think MS will be successful in buying their share of the motion gaming market. And oddly enough, Kinect compliments the Wii, where as Move competes directly with it. This will help Kinect in the long run.

The-Tentacle3006d ago

A negative article pops up about MS and you immediately try to shine the light in Sony's direction. Damage control at it's finest.

OT: I hope that MS can't buy people as it porves that people with enough money can buy the will of the ignorant masses. Sounds kind of totalitarian to me.

a08andan3006d ago

It is not a direct copy of the Wii-mote. Move tracks in 3D the Wii-mote does not.

MultiConsoleGamer3006d ago

Consumers don't care about the details. They just think its a Wii rip off. They don't know the technical facts and they don't care.

And if you think I'm somehow "anti-move" you've got your head up your arse. I was one of only 5 people at the midnight launch in Los Angeles. This was the only midnight launch in my city. I've already spent over $300 on my Move set up. I just know the facts about these products and I'm not afraid to speak the truth.

TheBlackSmoke3006d ago

So you have never heard of an eyetoy then?

Mike134nl3006d ago

so you never heard of xbox live vision camera (direct copy)

tinybigman3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

EyeToy released in 2003, and live vision released in 2006.

wow disagreeing with truth, yup there are a lot of people who are just plain stupid this generation lol.

lowcarb3006d ago

Yeah just like eyetoy copied dream eye so what's the point? Kinect is a far more advanced device and hopefully Move will prove the same thing once actual games for it start to come out.


The wii is on its own level this gen.. case closed (-_-)

JokesOnYou3006d ago

I can understand anybody who thinks micro's advertising spending for kinect is excessive, but again this is not just their typical add on peripheral like a mouse/keyboard support or something, NO they have already deeply invested in natal/kinects R&D, its a huge launch for a major peripherial, that controls much different than both wii and sony's current motion devices, so its expected that they would spend alot to get out to the 99% of the public that doesnt follow sites like n4g and gaming specific media that they have a NEW MOTION CONTROLLER COMING. ALL companies spend alot on advertising, sony spent 135mil alone just to let folks in Europe know that they were launching a new cheaper ps3 slim, I'm sure all the Kevin Butler, Cocoa Cola, Subway, tours, events etc advertising isnt free but nobody says they should be spending that money elsewhere. micro outspends sony simply because they have more to spend.


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isntchrisl3006d ago

I agree that the Move is a more blatant copy of the Wii. It's the same thing, with a glowing ball at the end. Sony is not spending the same kind of money in order to get people playing it though. Although MS will buy some guaranteed success with the $500 million, I'm wondering just how much it will haunt them in the end.

ct033006d ago

Move doesn't seem to target casual gamers as much. Move is used a lot in "regular" games and seems to want to be an alternative control unit for those who already own a Playstation.

Kinect is completely different. It doesn't even try to target existing core gamers. Instead, it essentially wants to capture the same audience that went crazy about Wii. And Kinect is different enough that this strategy will probably work.

lowcarb3006d ago

Right now they don't seem to be going for the core audience but the games will come according to them. Move needs to prove it's more than an optional controller if Sony wants to go up against Kinect.

Seferoth753006d ago

Another uninformed gamer talking about Move but knowing nothing about the Wii. Is COD casual? Golden Eye? Monster Hunter?

You people act as if Wii Sports is it on the Wii that uses motion controls but many core games use it as well.

stonecold33006d ago

the move technolgy way before nintendo is was going to be on ps2 and as for kinect its blantanta copy cat of the ps2 eyetoy which was done 8 years ago if anything m$ and nintendo have copyed sony

AWBrawler3006d ago

You believe what ever sony says? The fact that Wii launched with a wiimote shows that nintendo has been working on that for years. There was even a time when the wiimote was supposed to be for the gamecube.
I can gaurantee you that Nintendo was working on motion gaming way before Sony. Remember the powerglove and that other thing. (arena i think it was called) Then Sega Did motion with the Dreamcast.

Stop trying to act like Sony did everything first!
first to do:
CD based games = SEGA
free online gaming = SEGA
motion= Nintendo and SEGA
rumble = Nintendo
analog = Nintendo

Mini Mario3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

sorry but the eyetoy was a add-on, it was not THE controller for the system. Plus if u really wanna go back thru time what about the crappy power glove? I mean im wuite certain there were probably even more things before that 2.

Plus why would sony rag on nintendo so much calling it a gimmick and then going as far as copying the exact design with a very similar concept. Who cares how they do it, it's still the same concept...which is much different to the eye toy anyway. Play Galaxy 2 with the eye toy.

Sure would be great exercise jumping on all them mushrooms.

btk3006d ago

There is a difference between the Sony Move approach and the MS Kinect one.
Sony is giving us real great tech - huge improvement over Wii. It is also relying much more on word-of-mouth to promote the Move. Also - the tech has been in development long before the Wii came out.

Yes - MS is trying to buy the Wii casual crowd. They are rushing a tech that has not been in R&D for very long out to market, and with celebs and marketing they are trying to take the Wii market. Their marketing BS is going to explode in their faces. Kinect is the weakest of the three. All over forums the viral marketers are claiming 1:1 accuracy, lagfree gaming - obviously that task is for the viral marketers - because MS can not go that far with false advertising. So yes - the blogs, the forums with newly created accounts suddenly testifying of "wonderful" hand-on experience with Kinect (without actual video proof), the give-aways at Oprah, Justin Bieber, David Beckham - yes - MS is trying to buy the market with marketing.

Seferoth753006d ago

Tiger Woods says otherwise on the superior tech part.

Honestly it is hard to believe it is superior when game reviews say otherwise and of course Sony fans called it superior from the day it was announced.

Wizziokid3006d ago

who knows, people will buy into Kinect but I'm not sure if it will take a chunck of the Wii audience, it's just too well known for family fun

AceofStaves3006d ago

+bubble for bringing up an interesting side to the discussion. :-)

Nintendo, as a brand, is synonymous with family fun. Neither MS nor Sony have that same brand strength when it comes to child-friendly, family-targeted gaming. That, plus Nintendo's strong stable of characters, has given them an incredible advantage with that family market.

It's not so much a focus on casual gamers. Casual gamers aren't the sort to drop several hundred dollars on gaming tech in the first place. What MS seems to be targeting is the family market. Will their strategy work? I have no idea. It all depends on if Kinect provides the same high-quality fun gameplay that Nintendo provides.

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