Casual Difficulty: How Short Is Too Short?

It's disheartening to hear people complaining about how "short" a game like Vanquish is. If games are so culturally significant, why do we insist on evaluating them based on how “filling” they are? If a game’s not worth savoring, is it really worth consuming?

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DigitalAnalog2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

As long as the pacing and the delivery is excellent. Unless of course the game REALLY has a story to tell. If people do complain about length, then we would see a rise of "open-world" video games. And quite frankly, that type of genre is usually a hit and miss: GTAIV was damn boring, RDR had at least a decent story, inFamous got too repetitive, AC I & II have a rinse-n-repeat missions. The only FUN open-world I've ever played is Zelda, Yakuza 3 and SoTC.

I'd support more games like Uncharted as I feel I've actually played a full experience even if it's small. Want longer gameplay, don't be a wuss and go "hard" mode at least.

-End statement

NYC_Gamer2921d ago

well i wont spend my money on 4hr games atleast give me around 10hrs

Neckbear2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

...I'm happy with it. Seriously. If it drags on too much, then no, thanks.

Also, the article makes some great points. What's so wrong about having a short game, if it's an incredible one? I've already put some serious hours on Vanquish- more than I ever have with any other Shooter. That is mainly because the game is simply a delight to play.

I've also put some serious hours on Elite Beat Agents, as well as other music games- despite being somewhat "short", I just love them.

And oh, the old days with Ikaruga...I had the GameCube version, god, it was glorious.

Anyways, back to the topic: People really miss the point. A game isn't about having a cinematic experience then dropping it- it's about enjoying the gameplay and just loving every second of it. Seriously, people. They're GAMES, not movies.

GiantJedi2921d ago

Depending on what game it is, I kinda like them short...sometimes if its really long the game might drag out too long.

MorganX2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Actually, a 4-hr game for a hardcore gamer is probably 10-12 for a casual gamer. Most people play a few hours a weekend.

Harcore gamers buy/rent just about every game in their preferred genres and play them in marthon sessions. Usually completing a game in a weekend. I don't even know how you can enjoy story and art just plowing through games but to each his own.

That is why Kinect is going to be good for the industry. There are millions of casual gamers that aren't gaming right now. While I don't want a Kinect, the influx of casual gamers will be good for the industry.

Hardcore gamers can't even do an open-minded review anymore. It's a rehash of this, of that. Probably seems that way when you've played everything.

Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and most other action adventures are a rehash of Pitfall Harry for Atari... but not really.

Every game can't be Prince of Persia or Demon Souls. Who wants to constantly die and do over. People play games to experience story, gameplay, art. So really, it depends on who's doing the judging. 4hrs is probably good for casual gamers, and gamers who have jobs and failies, if it's a hardcore gamer who says it's 4hrs.

I would say FPS' are a hardcore genre, so 4hrs would be too short. TPS are much more varied in their audiences and it just depends on the game, who's playing it, and what they find enjoyable.

Neckbear2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I agree with part of your post- (unpleasable fanbase) but the other part? (hurr casualz will saev gaemz) Not really.

Why? Because companies will see those mindless sheep called "casual" gamers, and will develop low-quality games that those people will enjoy.

I play games for a challenge. I love "Nintendo Hard" (Going by Tvtropes here) games. I completly hate games that seem like they were made by failed Movie Directors. Yes, I love a nice story once in a while, but it has to be something special that does NOT forget it's a game (NieR) instead of just trying too goddamn hard (Heavy Rain.)

Games aren't about art, nor interactive movies. Sure, they can be so, but...would you really like a failed movie to take over a great game with great gameplay?. They're supposed to be a form of entertainment, and that fills up both movies-wannabes and great GAMES, sure, but I like games more.

Anyways, back to the point: Casual Gaming will kill Hardcore Gaming. Wanna know why? Because it's an easy way to make cash, and that's all publishers (and hell, some developers) care about.

Yes, there are still fellows who make GREAT games, but hell, those great games do NOT equal good sales.

By the way, I would consider Call of Duty and Halo casual games. They don't bring much new to the table, their main consumers are basically mindless kids and whatnot. Those ARE casual games, and no, they're not "hardcore" because they have guns.


"No need to fear, hardcore games are here to stay. There's plenty of room for both."

I hope so, but I'm quite pesimistic sometimes.

Hopefully that IS true, though.

MorganX2921d ago

Hold on. I didn't say casuals will "save" gamez. I said there are millions of gamers and getting them to buy games will be good for the industry.

There's plenty of shovelware now. Nothing will change. There's plenty of crappy hardcore games.

If anything casual gamers will subsidize hardocre game development. Casual gamers don't buy as many games as hardcore gamers, and buy lots of arcade games and avatar stuff.

No need to fear, hardcore games are here to stay. There's plenty of room for both.

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