Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II | first review says "one of 2010's biggest disappointments"

GameInformer normally gets premier reviews as is the case with few other magazine publications. We have already been treated to some upcoming game scores including Star Wars: The Force unleashed which only managed a mediocre 78/100. From the moment the score was published you have to wonder what the whole deal was, it has now been revealed and while they are only complaining about two aspects, they happen to be two very important aspects.

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sinncross2921d ago

I'm South African and I don't even know this South African site...

that said: seems a bit premature to be basing the game off only Gameinformers opinion.

DigitalAnalog2921d ago

Game Informer claims to finish the game in 6 hours when the actual total time could be more than 10.

Dumb magazine to go for reference.

-End statement

Chucky20032920d ago

i played the game 2 days ago and to my surprise i finished in 5 hours on medium,k lets say the time its not really exact but the length is half of the first game,i was this all??,i'm some kind of Star Wars fan i like this fantastic universe that was created,i loved the first game,i like this one but the story is lame,i mean ..i was expecting something great like they did in the first game,instead the character is obsessed with a rescue mission,and the final boss fight it became so boring,there are only 4 areas in the game,if you can call Degobah a playable level,the only thing you will do there is just walk until you reach the cave,no fighting, no nothing,yes this game it is a disappointment because of the story and the length,the gameplay is good,its fun decapitating a group of storm troopers when you throw the lightsabers,like the first it has 2 endings,light and dark,i think the dark is the real one

If you have a save game of the first game on HDD and you finish it on both sides good and bad you will have 3 costumes unlocked from the start in this game,the apprentice,the sith and the ceremonial jedi robe

inveni02920d ago

After playing this demo, I don't hold much hope for this game. It feels exactly like the first (which wasn't great). They would have gotten better reviews if they left Starkiller with one lightsaber and added Move support.

JBaby3432920d ago

After playing the demo this game is seriously disappointing. I'll keep playing the original TFU. Even my wife said the second TFU looked like cartoony crap. I want the feel of the old force powers back.

FriedGoat2920d ago

Dark forces the original was brilliant when I played it all those moons ago! Jedi knight 2 was also pretty good in my opinion.

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Mike134nl2920d ago

I certainly hope so, didn't buy the first one because of the bad reviews, though I am actually looking forward to TFUII

Sheikh Yerbouti2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The only thing I didn't like about the first was the hit or miss platforming. Everything else was well done.

If you are a Star Wars fan, it is a must buy for the story alone. The story was surprisingly well-woven into the mythos . I was expecting another Lethal Alliance and was already won over by the force powers/light-saber gameplay. I was real frustrated with the platforming so much, I put it down. But a certain cameo made me stick with a game - it was filling in gaps of the Star Wars storyline.

The ending was well done too, and in a way sets up the second's storyline to seem kind of hokey. So I would say play the first game first.

crzyjackbauer2920d ago

after playing the demo it was just not fun

same old thing, one more lightsaber

Galaxia2920d ago

I thought the story was the worst part about TFU1. I don't understand how fellow fans can swallow it. I liked Phantom Menace better, story and character wise. There was no one likeable character in TFU and the story was so bad and generic. Gameplay was horrible too.

I'm not surprised at all at TFU2's bad review. Hopefully there is no TFU3.

Reibooi2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I don't see how they can say it's the biggest disappointment when according to the score it's just under 80 which would rank as good or great to alot of people.

I have not played it yet. But that said what I have seen of the game both story wise and game play wise looked miles better then the first Force Unleashed. I'm looking forward to playing it regardless of this so called disappointment.

danielle0072920d ago

When I see a 78, I think it means that maybe the game isn't going to be amazing to everyone, but for a lot of people, it will be.

Plus, honestly, GameInformer are pretty hit or miss when it comes to reviews. Some I agree with, others I really really do not.

Blaze9292920d ago

never planned on buying this. the demo was pretty cool and what not but the only thing that REALLY amazed me was the graphical leap TFU2 has over TFU1. Besides that, the gameplay still felt the same as well as everything else.

Most I'll do for this is rent or wait till it's at an ultra low price used.

Shepherd 2142920d ago

"Have Star Wars games ever managed to encapsulate the very aspect that gave Star Wars a cult following in the first place? Sadly I cannot say they have and I had high hopes riding on this one, albeit early days."

Im pretty much 120% percent sure that this guy has never played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a game released in 2003 with a story that is just as good, if not better, than the Star Wars movies themselves.

Sheikh Yerbouti2920d ago

I don't think a Star Wars game has ever had to "encapsulate the very aspect...blah blah blah". The genius of this high fantasy/sci-fi story carries itself across media via the imaginations of its fans. I think all that is left is for a game to be epic on its own merits. KOTOR being exemplary title.

Perhaps with KOTOR you mean the immersion of being a Jedi has been the Holy Grail of the Star Wars experience...but there's nothing a good blaster can't handle.

RedDead2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Still Happy with the twist of that game, it changed my preferance completely. I was originally follwing the light side, but after the twist, I felt like destroying the currently pathetic weak sith so I could rebuild it the way I wanted.

I've said this before, Kotor is the best thing to come from the Star Wars francise at all. Imo of course.

Koromaro2920d ago

Or Star Wars Battlefront 1&2

CobraKai2920d ago

*possible spoiler*

I did the same thing!! And it worked out so perfectly for the story, even better than just going light or just going dark!! Except my angst was towards the jedi.

That was one of the greatest games period.

RedDead2920d ago

Battlefront 1 and 2 are good even for their respective genre, but KOTOR is in the my list for top quality games period, it's just brillant in so many ways.

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2920d ago
deafwing2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

not again ... it was the same thing with the first one ... ahh well .. they need to get their damn act together and add blood to this series .. it's just so passe with the whole light saber dries the blood

RedDead2920d ago

lightsaber burns the wounds shut, ya know the way people used to put a burning iron bar up to them to close a wound? Same thing, although I agree with you, it shouldn't be

deafwing2920d ago

that reasoning is passe

AEtherbane2920d ago

They made the sequel that much worse then the original.
The original was FLAWED, but fun,
I can imagine this is still better, to some degree at least.

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r0gueZA2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

well maybe you should be more observant

FYI - this "unkown SA site" has over 240 stories approved on N4G 3 months!

commodore642920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

that doesn't mean a thing.

Anyone can make a blog, with a fancy logo, write stories, pass the contributor test and then submit each and every article to be approved on n4g.
It's sooo easy.

I have noticed a few users on n4g already doing just that, with a commensurate decrease in submission quality.
Trash journalism, I think it's called.

Lots of amateurs are trying to get a slice of the online advertising revenue by attempting the above.
It doesn't mean there is quality behind it.

kmr19772920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

So, what makes an "official" sites reviews any better than a bloggers? A blogger's review is sometimes better, because they are not being paid by the publisher to advertise for them, making some of their reviews highly questionable, look at the Gerstmann scandal...

Also, how do you think most of these so called "journalists" on the big sites like IGN get their start? They start blogs, and eventually get picked up by the big sites.

While it may be true that some people are bucking the system by starting flame bait blogs, some are actually writing decent material, not all of them, but some.

despair2920d ago

yea thats not a big deal people on N4G approve "top ten man boobs" so getting something approved here is not a defense. Also it doesn't matter what or how many articles you have the article is taking 1 review from game informer and making it seem like the game is a huge failure.

I mean writing an article and making judgments on single review is kinda dumb. I don't trust every game informer review, I used to, now not so much, that's the good thing about this day and age, we get tonnes of reviews to compare, where's yours?

SaberEdge2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

While I agree with your basic point, I still find that Game Informer is most consistently in line with my opinions of games.

despair2920d ago

yea I agree with most of their reviews(the magazine never the website) but recently they have been giving some strange scores and that has me worried.

phantomexe2921d ago

idk about the review...Still geting it anyway and didn't ign say it was better then the last?

joydestroy2920d ago

yeah when it comes to reviews, i won't be paying much attention regarding this game. i hated the first one but couldn't get enough of the second one's demo. plus, i'm selling this to a friend at work when i'm done for half of what i'm paying ($50).

gaden_malak2920d ago

78 out of 100 isn't even bad or mediocre.

badz1492920d ago

yeah, trust IGN. the best reviewer out there! /s

Blaster_Master2921d ago

Dude, I played and hated part 1. But the demo to part two was so sick, I cant believe its a sequel.

r0gueZA2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

thanks for the feedback, I was stoked for this one till I read GameInformers findings.

still I hope the reviews pick up, because as we all know 70's normally mean - meh.

Ares84PS32920d ago

I mean, never mind that you would probably love a game that the other guy hates and gives a 70 or below...but you will never get it because the other guy said it's crap.

Todays gamers amaze me.

Pen152920d ago

I'd rather get someone's opinion of the game before I buy it. I'm not Mister Money Bags here...

SaberEdge2920d ago

This is one damn review score. Castlevania Lords of Shadow received several 7s and it turned out to be one of my favorite games of the year, easily a 9+ to me.

AllroundGamer2920d ago

same here, hated the first one, but yesterday i finished SW Force Unleashed II and i think it's a great game (even if the singleplayer isn't so long - 5-6 hours)

Ares84PS32920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Than I tried the demo for this and it's amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on it. The story is so interresting to me. I want to know if he is in fact a clone or the real Starkiller who was tricked in believeing that he is a clone. Can't wait...

Oh and, I don't base my purchases on others opinions. I try the game or watch gameplay videos and than I make up my mind. What is a AAA game to me could be a poor game to someone else...and vica-versa.

r0gueZA2920d ago

No, dont fill in the spaces on what I didn't say

I would buy it, but I hated the first and if scores are low that means that it will slip from a first day buy, to when its cheap.

and when you have high expectations of something and it scores badly... well its a bummer

Ares84PS32920d ago

Try the demo. Check out gameplay videos and than you are more than ready to decide.

Since I loved the first one and I'm a Star Wars fan....not the hardcore type but will be a first day buy for me.