Relive The Best Selling Grand Theft Auto Game For Almost Free

TQcast writes: What is you favorite Grand Theft Auto game? If you answered Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, then you will be happy to know that the game is selling for an incredible price right now. Not only is San Andreas the arguably best Gran Theft Auto game to date, but it's the best selling Grand Theft Auto game as well.

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Cevapi883009d ago

i loved the mafia setting and feel of both III and Vice City...if they bring back the mafia in the next GTA game, ill be excited just because i liked the stories from those games more than San Andreas....but regardless...i cant wait to see what Rockstar have been doing these past couple of years and what surprises lay in store for us

acky13008d ago

Up the vice city! enjoyed the setting, music and characters in vice city more than san andreas and the other gta's. Played it so much I knew the map like the back of my hand and knew every line on the radio chat shows, amazing game!

ReservoirDog3163009d ago

San Andreas was my first GTA so yeah.

But I'm surprised no one ever mentions the vastly underrated GTA Vice City Stories. Had nearly everything San Andreas had with a serious yet still likable story (a sign of things to come in GTA IV) and it was portable.

Jamegohanssj53009d ago

Vice City Stories was the 2nd best in my opinion. Loved every minute of it except that I have to own shit in order to progress lol.


CombineElite3009d ago

San Andreas is no doubt THE BEST GTA game in the series.

The Microsoft store LOL I laughed so hard.

I'll wait till Monday when Steam sales it for $2.99 or buy GTA 1-4 plus Liberty City Stories plus VC and SA, 7 games in all for $59.99


blumatt3009d ago

I want GTA PS2 HD Collection with GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas for my PS3. Make it happen, Sony. Hell, you're doing several others. Why not one of your most memorable PS2 franchises? I'd even be willing to give $60 for it (the other HD collections have been going for a mere $40).

ThatArtGuy3009d ago

Put the PS2 conversions of the two Stories and Chinatown Wars on it as well and it'll probably sell as much as GT5.

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MasterGuru3009d ago

I still have my copy right here. Every time I stare at it, it brings back old memories. I used to love playing the game for 10-15 hours a day.

Eamon3009d ago

lol more than half a day. I guess you spent the rest on sleep, eating and shitting right? =P

MasterGuru3008d ago

That's true..Honestly..Though you may disagree with this, but I'm an addicted gamer..I usually play games 15+ hours a day and I sleep at 5 or 6 in the morning and wake up at 12 in the afternoon or somewhere near that and play the game again..Yeah..It's a crazy life I have..

LF913009d ago

i love this game there is so much stuff to do in it, rockstar need to add push bikes, quad bikes, going to the gym, swimming under water, getting better skills for driving more and getting lots of kills with guns, being able to recruit people for gangs etc. there was so much in san andreas you could do and a lot of it was taken out in gta 4. please add all of it in for gta 5.

PS3Freak3009d ago

Not only the best selling, but also, the best. Nothing against Vice City or anything, but San Andreas was just so awesomely huge!

Skizelli3009d ago

Surprisingly enough, some people actually complained about how huge it was. Now everyone complains about how short a game is.

superrey193009d ago

I kinda thought it was a little too big (for its time) which is why I like Vice City more. The music was just incredible, it had so much style, and i just generally enjoyed the missions more... but thats just me.

Arnon3009d ago

I'm lucky to have found an original copy in one of the drawers at GameStop. We're not even allowed to sell them because of the hot coffee mod, and can only sell the second edition (i.e. Greatest Hits), so they had to push it out of our system, and they just gave it to me.

By far, the best GTA made alongside GTA III.

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