Top 6 fake names for the next XBOX

The next XBOX won't be showing up for a while, but that hasn't stopped people from guessing what it might be called.

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mrmcygan2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I wonder what Sony will name there next console.


Hideo_Kojima2968d ago

Now we get news about fake names?

goosepoose2968d ago


seems to be the new marketing trend lately. promoting unity, yet encouraging individuality through customising everything (when you actually doing nothing)

R2D22968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

that MS will be using something called nano scale technology for the 360 successor and games will not be made on disk anymore but on small storage sticks. With this Nano scale tech, MS should be able to make a game console half the size of the Wii and more powerful than the 360.

The link is from 2007 but the tech has been in works for a longer time and by time the next xbox is ready to be released the nano tech should be finished.

NecrumSlavery2968d ago

Wow since no one guessed it, I'll tell you the future:


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PRHB HYBRiiD2969d ago

hmmm maybe they will come with a new 4 perhaps who knows :/

Sunny_D2968d ago

Actually, the number 4 is considered bad luck in Japan. So perhaps, Sony might change it?

blumatt2968d ago

It's just logical, bad luck or not. If they change the name, they lose all brand recognition for their console. The word "PlayStation" is very recognizable and has been engraved in gamers minds, so to change it would be dumb. As far as the 360's successor's name, they better not call it Xbox 3, since that would imply inferiority to the PS4. Of course, Xbox 720 doesn't sound good either, so who knows what they'll call it. They just don't need to call it Xbox 3 since some people are going to see PS4 and Xbox 3 and just assume 4 is better than 3. lol

Matthew942968d ago

The word "PlayStation" is very recognizable and has been engraved in gamers minds, so to change it would be dumb

yeah but that doesnt mean i cant be called 4. it could still be called playstation

how about the playstation 360?

Hideo_Kojima2968d ago

The reason why Xbox named their Xbox 2 Xbox 360 was because Playstation 3 would sound more advanced than Xbox 2...

If Sony named their next PS PS360 not only would it sound like it is on the same level as the Xbox 360 but it would also sound as if it is PS 3.5 and not really their next console.

People will think its just another PS3 with a few more features and that Sony will soon release a PS4.

MrAwesome2968d ago

Xbox SP or something with initials
Xbox X
Xbox WII
Xbox PS
Xbox VHS
Xbox XD
Xbox I C UR PP

Sounds possible

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ct032968d ago

One thing is for sure, Microsoft won't call it Xbox 720.

Just look at Windows:
Windows 3.1 (Versioning)
Windows 95 (Year)
Windows XP (Abbreviation)
Windows Vista (Fancy Word)
Windows 7 (Oh, back to versioning now)

So it'll probably be something completely random, not number based.

goosepoose2968d ago

thats true then, i actually imagine them naming it xbox4.

because of the slim, and they could argue about technical details to justify the name xbox 4.

No FanS Land2968d ago

@Goosepoose: I'd say Xbox4 because they consider Kinect as a full console. but I (and I think the global market too) don't consider kinect to be a console by itself.

Mike134nl2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

The xbox 360 name reminds me of the next office called office 365 which mostly will be in the cloud.
What if the next xbox will be called xbox 365 wil this mean the next xbox is also cloud based or at least for a large part.Which makes sense since Microsoft after windows 7 microsoft has dedicated a large part of their resources in cloud based technology.

Other possible names:kinect 360,xbox 7,xbox etc.

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