India gets PlayStation Store

Sony India has finally made the PlayStation Store available for PlayStation owners in India. The launch means that Indian PS owners will finally get access to downloadable content and games that are available online on the PS store.

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scar202921d ago

Good to see sony supporting the ps3.

deadreckoning6662921d ago

What the F? So how did Indians get DLC for games before? Amazon?

lightningsax2921d ago

Deadreckoning has a point. What the heck did people from India, one of the most densely populated and connected nations on Earth, do for DLC before then?? That's just plain crazy if they didn't have any way. Then again, if they were using Amazon, we now know why Amazon had that redundant system of "buy your game online through your PC here, then download it on PSN later." Hm...

snake-OO2921d ago

you do know, u can make accounts for other other regions, and then buy psn cards for that specific region off ebay

Sheddi2920d ago

Or just use Visa/Master Card :)

Blacktric2920d ago

Erm, this is a month and a half late actually. India, Turkey, Slovenia and Croatia got their own PSN Stores in mid September this year. But they didn't release a press release back then so maybe this is about it.

gtamike2920d ago

"Thank you come again"

PS3ROCKS2921d ago ShowReplies(3)
NJShadow2921d ago

Is the writer just stupid?

"the PS store also lets gamers engage in online gaming"

Uh, that has been there either way. =)

Cratos87802921d ago

what's funny is that the credit link also puts Free Online Gaming as a feature of PS Store.

coldfoot2921d ago

Only idiots pay for online gaming. The cost of online gaming is built-in when you buy the game.

Blacktric2920d ago

Thank you for calling entire Xbox 360 fanbase idiots coldfoot. We really needed your expert opinion on the "India Gets PSN Store" news.

Darth Stewie2921d ago

India gets PS Store=win!

nskrishna22921d ago

as you can see from my name (Its Krishna). While i'm happy that this has been announced, the store has been functional for more than a couple of weeks now...i've already downloaded demos and themes and MGS 1. This announcement comes a bit late. Maybe Sony was testing the store before the offical announcement?

And @above who were asking about DLC
Simple...we didn't download..:P. We just purchase the full game, and DLC is something i still hate...

TengkuAmir102920d ago

Guys from Asia can't buy MW2 DLCs. I have 3 accounts (US, Asia, Europe) and I can safely say that there is not much variety in terms of DLC if you create an Asian account.

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