IGN: SEGA Rally Near-Final Preview and New Screens

SEGA Rally is a videogame remake that really gets things right. Which is worth making clear, because it could have got things really wrong. After all, not every classic coin-op or console masterpiece benefits from a new technology makeover: for every OutRun 2, there's an Altered Beast. But even though it's not even finished yet, it's clear that SEGA Rally most certainly gets things right. It is, as they used to say back when SEGA Rally first appeared, arcade perfect. It distils the very essence of the arcade original and brings it powersliding into the present day, complete with blue skies, verdant oases and, above all, a rampant, joyous, muddy sense of speed.

See the link below at the alternative sources for the full gallery.

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d3l33t4159d ago

this game looks awesome

kn4159d ago

But graphically still no Motorstorm or Dirt. I'd like to see car damage and the physics of the car handling look a little "stiff".