David Beckham Kinects With His Kids

David Beckham wraps his arms around his sons — Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5 — at the Kinect for Xbox 360 Launch Party held at a private residence on Saturday (October 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Seijoru2918d ago

MS's marketing scheme: Throw money at it.

Fishy Fingers2918d ago

But 9 times out of 10, it works, and in those cases, pays off.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

So what you're saying Fishy, is that the Xbox user base is dumb enough to fall for this obvious and cheap marketing tactic and that it works on the base 9 out of 10 time?

So it's not about the games and the hardware/software but more about marketing and celebrity endorsements?

NJShadow2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Yep, that's pretty much what he's saying... and it will probably work. Good marketing works, there's no two ways around it. In the end, quality will determine the winner, but starting off, Kinect will probably sell big. But remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint, which is what Sony has proven time and time again.

Hades13372918d ago

No one complains when Nintendo do it, they get credit for being clever. But when Microsoft do it, they're cheap and obvious. This is just how you market things in order to appeal to the mass market, whether you like it or not.

Godmars2902918d ago

Most times when Nintendo does it, sell things based on star power, the product's already "proven" itself. Has sold on its own merits. Brain Age was already its own genera when they had Nicole Kidman pimping for it. Same goes for Seth Green and DW9.

Nintendo uses it to extend the market, not make it.

Rainstorm812918d ago

Its insane that money throw towards Kinect is acceptable......even praised by some of the more "intense fans"

I get mad, as an xbox360 owner id rather see more exclusive games, I just hope MS doesnt put the blinders on and leave only kinect in thier sights, because if it wasnt for some multiplats i wouldnt play my 360 at all.

KageMonkey2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

The difference is that Nintendo did truly have an innovative product, knew that it works, and marketed it as a new and exciting device.

Similarly, Sony knows that the Move will work as advertised. In fact, most companies want the consumer to be happy with the company's products as their brand image is dependent on the quality of what the company sells.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has no such care and has shown absolutely no business integrity.

Microsoft knows that Kinect will not perform as advertised. From the input lag to the numerous problems already shown in various demos, Microsoft knows that they have a non-functional product; but instead of scrapping or delaying the obviously non-working product, they opt to spend millions and use celebrities to try to convince and pass off a faulty device as the next generation of input for gaming.

Microsoft is a company that always hurts and tricks consumers if it means Microsoft will get a return in their investment. From RROD and over-priced peripherals, to the marketing that push inferior technology such as HD-DVD, Zune, IE and Kinect, Microsoft's strategy is all designed around throwing out faulty and inferior technology, and then use marketing to trick consumers into buying them.

Microsoft is suppose to be one of the tech-leaders of the world. But really, if you look at the quality of most Microsoft products, they are worse than stuff made in a low-end knock-off manufacturer from China. Consumers should NOT be supporting Microsoft.

Redrum0592918d ago

i cant deny that the xbox360 has some top notch games, but thats no thanks to the individual dev teams, MS on the other hand doesnt give a shit about gaming and is only interested in making money out of it.
for those who say that "a business is a business and main goal is to make profit" that is true (to an extent)
there are restaurante owners who want profit but do have a passion for food aswell.
just as there are doctors who do love to help the sick as there are others who do it for means of a successful life.
yes Sony and Nintendo want profit, but have proven many times that they share a passion for video games. But i cant say the same for MS.
How do you think the "$" in M$ got there.
polyphany would rather spend a few extra dollars on delaying the game to polish it a bit more, then to send out the unperfect game and use the "polishing" money on advertisement.
Sony and Sony Devs have a rep to live up to. M$ has a profit to live up to.

Redrum out.

JokesOnYou2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"Its insane that money throw towards Kinect is acceptable"

-Sony spent 135 million in the 1st month alone just marketing their release of ps3 slim in Europe ONLY, who knows how much they spent for US and Japan, and how much they are currently spending, I doubt its 500mil but I bet its still quite a bit....should they stop advertising now? should they have spent that money on more games this holiday season? Or maybe a few extra devs to help get GT5 out on time, ps3 hasn't seen much since GoW3, huh? I bet you think all that move advertising is free right?

"Microsoft knows that Kinect will not perform as advertised."

-yeah, so you and the n4g haters say, yet IGN and other sites have plenty of hands on preview vids like this, and they seem impressed, hmmm, I'm not into these casual games but I know which source I'd rather believe:

"if it wasnt for some multiplats i wouldnt play my 360 at all"

-yeah 360 does get the better multiplats, but again what exclusives are ps3 owners playing these days? Hell ps3's best selling game by far is multiplats. 360 owners have had a pretty good year with exclusives just like usual, lately we've had little known game name Reach, and soon, Fable3 is just days away...where are all these games ps3 folks are playing to say 360 has no games....haha have you guys seen the latest software sales, 360 owners are definitely getting their moneys worth, its quite obvious given the sales who's playing games and who's trolling kinect articles. lol


baodeus2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )


Then in that case, MS product would not last and may even get sue for advertising something that doesn't work right? The product isn't out yet, so let see. Why do you have to worry about it. If it sucks, then it will fail simple as that and justice will be done. You guys seem so uptight about it for some reason.

I do think they spend a bit too much for kinect, but hey it is their money so i have no saying in it. I mean it is a better marketing strategy then by mouth alone.

Rainstorm812918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i could care less what Sony spends thier advertising on..... i do know i have a good amount of exclusive games from this year alone on both ps3 and x360.... yes i have Halo reach (look up my service record) Gamertag - Rainstorm81 & fable 3 looks good. When u spen 1/2 a bil on advertising and the last new ip the system had was the long awaited, lackluster Alan Wake, something is wrong.

Nonetheless your lame attempt at bashing the ps3 is irrelevant, id still like NEW ips on the 360. You add validity to my comment, just because 360 has Halo Gears and Fable i should be happy?? Come on what kinda "take what they give me" gamer are you?

Im sure you will be more than happy with Kinect and im sure you believe all the marketing tag lines that come with it, but in the end Microsoft is depending on Kinect to extend the life of the console, Sony isnt depending on Move to extend the PS3.

As a Core gamer i dont want any motion control to all of a sudden be the main focus of my formerly Core console.

JOY ive seen you comment on this site, MS could package a turd, and to you it would be a game changer. Im sure you are content with timed exclusive map packs and motion cameras and id like more of the advertising budget to go into the Game Development budget.... Because in the end it is all about the G-A-M-E-S.

Edit: In case you didnt know, a ton of people are playing exclusive Move games or you dont count those because it isnt MS's motion option....huh?

Eamon2918d ago

Suddenly all you guys economist experts

cruncher_202918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

First... at the end it's not all about game but how customers are happy with their choice.

Microsoft have always invest tons of money on marketing and if they continue to do so I guess that this strategy works...

The thing also is that Microsoft is an american company, Sony is not... And oh... Sony sell very well in europe and microsoft sell well in north america... It's simple as that !!! Microsoft knows what the "normal" american want and how to sell him... Sony knows more about Asian... Europe just don't likes american...

American don't buy what is not american, same thing for Asian... I know, nintendo, ps2, etc.... it's just that for equivalent product an american will choose American (microsoft)...

I'm not an economist and I'm not racist but what ??? suddenly Move is really bad in north america but a really good piece of hardware in europe ??? There something else...

At the end, I have a ps3 and really enjoy it (yes I have the move), my best friend has an Xbox and really enjoy it (He's not interested to buy Kinect) but prefers graphics, Live, et...

We are both happy and this is all what matters !!!

BrutallyBlunt2918d ago

"So what you're saying Fishy, is that the Xbox user base is dumb enough to fall for this obvious and cheap marketing tactic and that it works on the base 9 out of 10 time?

So it's not about the games and the hardware/software but more about marketing and celebrity endorsements?"

Actually it's about having fun. A simple concept that seems to escape many. Everyone has their own interpretation of what's fun. This is going to sell and it seems many are upset about that. Why? It's not like games such as Call of Duty will cease to exist or Mass Effect 3.

Is it really impossible to branch out and try to appeal to more people? The XBOX360 is just about 5 years old now and there are hundreds of games to choose from. There will be hundreds more to come as well. This is a far cry of the original XBOX and it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to branch out and try and gather a wider audience. That's not to say they are abandoning the core userbase.

KageMonkey2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Do you know why I know Kinect will not work? Because I am a Senior Systems Architect and deal with this stuff everyday.

I made posts years ago highlighting how the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 by off-loading work onto the Cell on beyond3d. I made posts years ago to illustrate how On-Live will never work. And I have always been right. I know hardware and software inside and out, and I am only here to educate the uninformed people from believing the illusions generated by Microsoft and waste money on devices such as the HD-DVD, Zune and now Kinect.

The Star Wars Lightsaber Kinect demo shown by Microsoft is nothing but smoke-and-mirrors designed to trick the uninformed into thinking that is how Kinect will work. It won't.

We still have problems with voice-to-text as there are many, many variations in human tone, voice and speech patterns. If you really think that image/motion recognition, with infinite many variations of body-types, movement-types, height, weight and size will work as Microsoft advertised, then you are exactly the type of people that Microsoft is trying to trick.

Kinect will never be as accurate as Microsoft has led you to believe. If you think your on-screen avatar with pull out a lightsaber if you drew an imaginary sword out of your belt, you are delusional. What happens with Kinect is that 50% of the time, it won't recognize that you are drawing your sword, so you will spend half of your gaming session struggling to get Kinect to do what you want -- with horrendous amount of input-lag.

JokesOnYou2917d ago

So who do you work for Mr Senior Systems Architect?

"I am only here to educate the uninformed people from believing the illusions generated by Microsoft and waste money on devices such as the HD-DVD, Zune and now Kinect."

-lol, sounds like a guy with a axe to grind, Did you also "educate the uninformed" about why Home would be a huge dissapointment instead of the "essential part of all ps3 games" sony said it would be or why the PSPGO would fail so quickly or how about or how about how about educate people about sony's multiple laptop battery recalls Theres plenty things that failed on sony part but you get the point.

-Now this honestly this isn't to hate on sony just to add perspective to how all companies have up and downs with their products lines, sony makes good products, my 50"Sony plasma hdtv is great but lets not act like either of these companies have a perfect track record when it comes to failure.


KageMonkey2914d ago


The difference between Microsoft and most other credible companies is that other companies DO NOT use underhand business tactics to promote an inferior product.

Sony never claimed PSPGo to be the next revolution and spent millions to hire stars to promote it. Sony let their technology and products speak for itself.

Microsoft has bribed and lobbied to push through inferior technology such as OOXML to stranglehold the market to prevent innovation.

If you are a consumer, Microsoft is the last company you should be supporting. Their strive to spend money on marketing rather than R&D, as well as their strive to stranglehold the market to prevent innovation, to support them as a company is simply idiotic.

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aceitman2918d ago

they where given the 4 gig bundle .now thats sad that will go very fast.

aceitman2918d ago

will they ever make thr money back . and if it fails oh my gosh it a dollar bet to c if it makes it with a half a billion

turnerdc2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

They've sold over 240 million separate Windows 7 licenses. Their quarterly profits at the beginning of this year was 6.7 billion dollars. Xbox is not their only source of revenue, they'll make it back in no time.

TheBlackSmoke2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

You do realize that M$ games division is separate from all its other businesses?. You dont actually think that every division is just connected to a giant joint bank account?.Thats like saying SCEA is funding Uncharted 3 with beyonce's Sony music contract.

In reality Every division has individual budgets and targets to work with. If it got to the stage where M$ games division had to take money from other divisions, that would mean that it was in huge financial debt and so would probably be shut down .

Any money used in Marketing eyetoy XL comes solely from the game divisions budget, and yes I said budget because this pre-concieved idea that M$ has infinite money is wrong, they still are trying to run a business and are accountable for everything.

FordGTGuy2918d ago

Actually yes they are all connected "to a giant joint bank account" it's called the parent company. Microsoft pays for everything that happens in their gaming division and any profits are put back to the parent company.

Sony works the same way, their game division is funded and controlled by their parent company.

Don't be a retard....

PopEmUp2918d ago

I think you're retard here, and doesn't know shit about how a company run, go back to school kid and learn while you can so you won't make a fool out of yourself

Bereaver2918d ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaactually, both black smoke and Ford GT are both kinda right.

They are all funded by the parent company, but they are not all led by the same leaders. If it comes down to a certain branch not making profit, it will be cut off.

turnerdc2918d ago

Majoring in comp sci right now so my business knowledge isn't too sharp. However, when Microsoft makes their quarterly profit reports it includes everything, and that's what I was pointing out.

Biggest2918d ago

Microsoft as an entire company will not continue to support a branch if it continues to underperform. The gaming division has more than underperformed in recent years and their shareholders are calling for it to be shut down. The gaming division includes Xbox, phones, and other random crap. Xbox lost a ton of money to start its life. The other areas of the gaming division lost even more. The parent bank account isn't open for each division to use as it sees fit. They get an allowance. The parent might cave in and give a few extra dollars every once in a while. But for the most part each area is left to do its own thing with its own allowance. The gaming division has had trouble with its allowance for a while.

FordGTGuy2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

You know this how? I haven't heard anything about investors saying they want it shut down... Actually because of the subscription service and online sales I would think the gaming division is making a lot more money then you might think. Also the gaming and entertainment division including Windows Phone 7 firmware which includes Zune software and firmware. The gaming and entertainment division of Microsoft is not going anywhere. Its one of Microsoft's only branches that reaches to the younger market.

Microsoft is not near sighted, their investments are made for the long term.

I never said that they would shut down gaming division all I said is that its a division of Microsoft the parent company and everything that happens there and the funding comes from the parent company.

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vhero2918d ago

Wow if Beckhams involved then they obviously threw money at it. Though instead of throwing millions at famous people they should spend money developing the console more.

paul-p19882918d ago

David Beckham is a sellout anyway, he left Manchester United to go to Real Madrid for a huge pay increase, then left them to go to LA Galaxy for an even bigger pay increase but is not playing at anywhere near the level he should be at considering he is an international player.

I agree with your comment though, M$ actually need to sort out there console and Kinect before throwing loads of money at advertising coz i can already see whats gonna happen. All the parents are gonna buy this amazing new toy for their kids xbox, the kid opens it on christmas day and the whole family want to play (not knowing that only 2 of them can play it at once) and then they stand there trying to get the thing to recognise them and it wont.... I can see a lot of refunds getting processed on boxing day lol

The Xbox Empire2918d ago

haaaaaa JokesonYou that was so much ownage and sooooo true. They are just this generations sore losers

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Chaostar2918d ago

It's sickening how they are marketing this thing, it almost makes me wish for it to fail just to prove that you can't buy the ignorant masses with any amount of money.

Disclaimer: Although it doesn't appeal to me at all, I don't actually wish for Kinect to fail, I'm keeping an open mind and hoping it offers something for me in the future.

I'm actually mostly angry because I hate David Beckham, he's your typical low IQ sports 'star' married to a spice girl and gets paid ludicrous amounts of money for kicking a ball around and posing in his undies, w**ker. Makes British people look shallow and stupid in the states. /slightlyjealousrant

vhero2918d ago

Totally agree mate 100% the guy won't say no to anything for the right amount of cash.

acky12918d ago

Beckham is spreading the beautiful game in America and beyond and is a great ambassador for Britain and football.
He's obviously not that stupid if he can manipulate things his way to get ludicrous amounts of money for kicking a ball about and posing in his undies. No one would turn down money for nothing...and no doubt some of it will go to a good cause and not straight into his back pocket.

boing2918d ago

you wouldnt be complaining

Chaostar2918d ago

I knew the minute I posted that comment that someone would end up interpreting it as fanboyism. Not everyone thinks the way you people do, I can have negative opinions about MS but still enjoy playing my xbox... and YES if Sony were trotting out celebrities I would think it was just as shameless and sickening.

I don't hate MS I hate marketing, think before you comment please.

paul-p19882918d ago

haha totally agree with the Beckham comment, he wouldnt of even made himself look like that if he hadnt gone to LA Galaxy. He was an incredible player for us (England) but then he became a sellout...

SnakePlissken2918d ago

you sure about that? you really think he needs the money or something? hehe, dude is fuckin loaded! lucky bastard!

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no_more_heroes2918d ago

my mom saw the Kinect commercial earlier today and said that it looks like fun. I told her that you don't use a controller, you just use your body to play and she got more intrigued.

Kinect is definitely gonna sell a lot, simply because my mom, the most extreme realist in the universe, is intrigued. If it can interest her, then it WILL interest a lot of people...

excluding me...
for now...

Peckham-Pouncer2918d ago




"Kinect will sell good, my mommy said so."

Oh that made me laugh, thanks for that.

ct032918d ago

Apparently the kid above me doesn't understand what golden_cannon said. It makes perfect sense. Kinect is all about casual gaming, and if it can intrigue even non-gamers then it's bound to end up successful.

Of course I don't expect the average N4Gtard to understand this until the sales numbers are out.

Peckham-Pouncer2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Your comment suggests you didn't understand or see the humor in my comment, which is either a slight on your intelligence or my sense of humor.

Anyway I wasn't disagreeing with Golden-Cannon I just found it amusing how he chose to justify his opinion.

"kinect is going to sell a lot, simply because my mom, the most extreme realist in the universe, is intrigued."

come on now, if that isn't funny to you then fine but don't assume I don't share his opinion just because I mock the way he decided to tell it.

boing2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

you only figure that out now

DJMarty2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

You also have to make hardware that

Or face meltdown at retail.

Stuff may sell fast, but if it don't work, expect it be returned twice as fast.

Once the crappy Kinect reviews and unhappy gamers voice ther opinions on internet expect sales to stall.

FordGTGuy2917d ago

How exactly do you know it doesn't work or has overheating issues?

There has been no discussion or reports of any kind of any overheating of the devices at gaming conventions. I doubt the casual gamers who will be powering the sales go to gaming websites to read hardcore gamers opinions or experiences....

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