TTH: A Q&A with LEGO Universe’s Ryan Seabury

LEGO enthusiasts are in a frenzy with the upcoming mass retail release of LEGO Universe. Already, die-hard fans that pre-ordered the game are strutting their way through the LEGO-themed MMOG, building anything from a castle to a spaceship and everything in-between! To gather more details on this building-manic game, TenTonHammer talked to Ryan Seabury, Creative Director of LEGO Universe, who fielded questions ranging from PvP to endgame experiences to user features, plus many others.

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MultiConsoleGamer2921d ago

This game looks insanely fun.

CombineElite2921d ago

Yeh it really does.

I had a great time with the Lego Star Wars Trilogy and got plans on getting the Lego Clone Wars as well.

Excellent game for playing with you kids or little brother/sister nephew/niece or keeping kids busy.