Windows Phone 7 in 2nd place, says WSJ poll

Conflicting Gamers, "Smartphones have become a huge draw for consumers thanks to there small form factor that gives huge power for computing on the go, social connecting, mobile gaming and more. The iPhone lead the craze but looks to be dropping in popularity."

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fromasterjay2921d ago

I might want a WP7 now...haha

eLiNeS2921d ago

WinPho7 is kicking the iPhone to the curb! LOL

RememberThe3572921d ago

I'm not a smart phone owner so I don't have feelings toward any one platform, but the way they are selling this OS as fast so that you can get on and off your phone as quickly as possible sounds great to me.

Seijoru2921d ago

I prefer Android over both.

Kalowest2921d ago

I've had RIM for awhile now, but i might switch to WP7. WP7 looks pretty cool/slick.

8thnightvolley2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

i am a new proud owner of the new wp7 htc hd7 and its some fasssssssst slick as hell machine, microsoft surely has surprised me with the way the OS runs, and it doesnt matter what type u go for all of them are doing processor speeds of at least 1ghz so expect some pretty fast reaction, the touch sensing is right up there with the best iphone can deliver, the xbox live is synced nicely with your xboxlive account and u get achievements which count and u see them pop up on ur xbox too, word docs, everything office u can make and edit spread sheets on the go, and the marketplace with apps are getting bigger so many apps pop up every hour i got it day one and it was about 20 apps, in 48 hrs i have seen over 150 already,..

i for one wanted the iphone but after testing the 3gs for a week and then looking at the iphone which is basically the same thing with video recording and well a more slicker screen its basically the same thing u can even update the 3GS OS to the iphone4 and plus the antenna problems is just stupid i dont see me and iphone making it together... the WP7 OS is so easy to use all u need to do is look at it and u knw everything that is going on in your phone .. very simple and very powerful

i am impressed nice one MS. add kinect which i hope u doing mess up and u have everything on right par from xbox, to windows 7 to WP7 all in the good lane.

ispendallday2921d ago

I am very much looking forward to getting one come Nov. 8th!!

8thnightvolley2920d ago

phone runs like a beauty, i have been sat on it for the past 2 days havnt even touched my console.. i give a few hours and dive into the marketplace and see so many apps all new and at the speed they are being released its only a matter of time one will find what ever they are looking for on an iphone right there...

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SmokexFFx2921d ago

Sad spot for BB. I hope WP7 delivers, I need a phone.

KiLLUMiNATi_892921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

IPhone 4 tops any phones in the market period IMO.

SeNiLe9112921d ago

LOL, the poll is not a lie!

fromasterjay2921d ago

im getting sick of my iphone....its WAY too slow now.

Kalowest2921d ago

The IPhone series isn't on top of anything anymore really.

Yo Mama2921d ago

Why would anyone want this new windows phone? According to, it's UI is so basic that it doesn't even have custom ringtones.

Fishy Fingers2921d ago

I can think of another phone without custom ringtones, iphone. Might not know of it, didnt really take off.

snake-OO2921d ago

are u sure about that cuz my iphone has a mgs ringtone and no its not jailbroken.

Kalowest2921d ago

Thats the same reason ppl love the iOS, its easy to pick up and use. Basically its user friendly, so it can appeal to a wider audience.

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