Gamer 2.0: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Impressions

The best way to describe the multiplayer in the Dead Space 2 beta is to compare it to Left 4 Dead. The gameplay is similar to how both teams take turns playing as both humans and necromorphs, and even some of the necromorph attacks are ironically similar in both name and style.

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rroded2918d ago

cant afford em all but this looks so epic n i loved the first one my only gripe was the length with this one having mp...

damn my limited budget.

CombineElite2918d ago

I'm so not sold on the MP but I will pick this up as I did enjoy the SP and felt bad for Isaac and all 50 gopher missions.

" Isaac help the coffee machine is broke, go to the forward deck, shoot the asteroids and bring me back an espresso, oh wait first you gotta fix my toilet, I would do it my self but I'm not the main character".
plus I gotta change my pants cause I just sh1t them.

unrealgamer582918d ago

dismembering noobs Is worth the 60 bucks

Panzerkanzler2917d ago

Indeed, but the best is when you dismember people on your friend list who happen to be you RL best friends. That's REALLY fun =)

xTrueLegendx2918d ago

this is allot like left for dead if they have a horde mode type i will defiantly be pick it up the beta was fun