Diablo III Will Not Support Mods, Closed Beta Coming

Lead designer Jay Wilson told G4 that there will be a closed beta for Diablo III. It will most likely be a Blizzard friends and family type of thing at first, but the public will most likely get a crack at the beta soon after. With talks of a beta here's hoping a release date announcement will be coming soon enough.

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Johandevries3014d ago

Why always this 'no support for mods' thing nowadays? To get even more revenue by imposing fucking DLC on everyone?

Masta_Killa3014d ago

a hardcore D2 player I could care less. Bnets where it's at.

RememberThe3573014d ago

I haven't played that game in at lease 6 years... I used to pla ythe crap out of that game until Warcraft 3 came out.

siliticx3013d ago

I couldnt disagree more. Mods are AWESOME when you really play em.

Cant stand the standard game anymore. Mods evolve the game so much farther than the original its rather sick.

Baka-akaB3013d ago

nowadays ? Diablo never supported mods , hell the second game was actually ruined a few times by mods and hacks .

sonicsidewinder3013d ago

They get a monopoly on DLC as the only way to 'expand' the game.

And that aint right.

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I think the closed beta will be for those Starcraft 2 or WoW Owners.

IaMs123014d ago

That would be amazing if they really did that but i highly doubt it. Or at least make it whom ever was in the SCII Beta should have access to this beta, while also giving out more Beta keys.

Or those who pre-order

il-mouzer3013d ago

nearly everybody has either a SC2 or WOW subscription :P

I wouldn't think so.

josh143993014d ago

i wonder how long it will take for the petitions to start

KillerPwned3014d ago

I hope i can get it I own SC2 so maybe that will help cannot wait for this game!

Unicron3014d ago

Activision strikes again!

Sigh. I miss the old days.

imvix3013d ago

Consolization has spill over effects, If activision can get away with selling DLCs to the consolers they are gonna try the same with the PC market.

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The story is too old to be commented.