Big Download Interview: Unigine co-founder chats about OilRush

Big Download: "What do you do when you have a 3D game graphics engine that you want to show off? As we have seen from companies like Epic Games, id Software and Valve you can take that engine and also make great games with it. That's the approach that the Russia-based Unigine is doing with the upcoming game OilRush."

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CombineElite2920d ago

Yeh the Unigine engine is pretty hardcore, i always thought a game should be made from that beast.

As I'm Soooo sick of the Dupont Plastic and Hasbro Play-do collaboration Unreal Engine.

Heck 3DMark should market their engine as well

Letros2919d ago

Lmao totally agree, need more Cryengine3/Unigine games, for licensed engines, they look the best.