Big Download Review: NBA 2K11

Big Download: "NBA 2K11 is in the unique position of being the only licensed basketball game currently available for the PC. However, players shouldn't feel like they're forced into settling for the only game in town, because it happens to be a great basketball game on any platform. The fact that it features an homage to Michael Jordan's incredible career adds more incentive to hit the court, and while the game has its share of quirks, the benefits far outweigh the problems."

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CombineElite2969d ago

With EA boycotting the PC I'm glad NBA2K11 is on the PC.

They got my money as this is the best one out anyway.

Hopefully they get an NFL license

bostoner2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Oh I know. I get in fights with my roommate all the time about Madden. He absolutely loves it and I can't stand it most of the time. I bought all the 2K football games. Even when they were 20 bucks instead of 40 they were a better game than the maddens. The animations in the PS2 2K5 were so lifelike especially for the time. I remember when I first bought a PS3 and didn't own a football game for it, I would let my old roommate play and even though I had gotten used to the superior graphics of the PS3 I was still in awe at 2K5's in game rendered cut scenes between plays. Stop the football video game monopoly NOW!!! BTW does anyone know when EA's NFL contract is up?? I think it was either 2012 or 14 but I may be mistaken.