ShockCast Episode 36 - "Is $500 Million Worth of Marketing a Good Sign?"

DS writes, "In this week’s show we officially get down and dirty. Ok, so maybe we always get down and dirty but this week we take off the gloves. We start off by discussing the 1 billion dollar marketing budget that Microsoft is about to spend on Kinect and Windows Phone 7. We talk about what is being described by MS as the biggest launch in the history of the industry, and why it scares us away from Kinect. For our second topic we lighten the mood to discuss music in gaming and how voice acting is changing the whole dynamic of music driven narratives. We get right back in it and talk about fanboy flame wars. Why all sides are stupid and why everyone needs to stop worrying about pointless sales statistics and NPD numbers that mean nothing to them. Make sure to hit the jump and give this episode a listen!"

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acky13010d ago

All products need advertising but a good product will sell itself...half a billion seems excessive.

Silver3603010d ago

world wide, come on the whole world. when you split that up for all the countries xbox is in, it isn't that much.