Batman: Arkham Asylum is now a Platinum Classic The critically acclaimed game Batman: Arkham Asylum is now available in the 'Classics' and 'Platinum' range, Square Enix have revealed today.

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TheLastGuardian2920d ago

Batman: Arkham Asylum is so overrated. It was the most boring, unoriginal game I played in 2009.

snoopgg2919d ago

This game had to be the best superhero game that I have ever played. The graphics and atmosphere really enhanced the story. Can't wait for the second. Most overated game of the year was Modern Warfare 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You probally liked it.

cyborg69712920d ago

Good for you. Here have a cookie for the both of you.

TheLastGuardian2920d ago

Oh thanks could you give me a bubble too? Oh looks like you dont have any to spare. lol

DarthMoose2920d ago

I loved this game, best batman game ever, and how the orginal voice actors form the classic 90's cartoon reprised there characters, if your not a fan of batman this game definelty isnt for you thats for sure.

GLoRyKnoT2920d ago

Yet im not a fan of the batman & loved the game. (note the word loved = over) will indeed be getting the next 1 tho 4-sho:)

DarthMoose2920d ago

Not reallu a huge fan myslef, but I loved the watchin the 90's cartoon and many of the films except batman and robin, I never read to many of the comics, there just wayyyy to much history, i'll stick with marvel. Im a huge x-men fan myself, still waitng on an epic x-men game.

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RockmanII72920d ago

It was a decent game, but I agree that it is overated. I liked it enough to be interested in the sequel, though.

Baka-akaB2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

no it is not overrated .

It's the best batman game compared to a list of at least 25 games ranging from good to mediocre .

Even without considering the license , its history and its appeal , on its own , as a game , it was something the closest thing we had in years (till recently) to a great (traditional) metroid/castlevania kind of experience on home consoles .

The length of the game was just right , because of an impeccable sense of pacing and flow .

It's also the best use yet of unreal engine 3 on consoles . There are a few games that are prettier , like Mass effect 2 , or mostly released afterward , but almost all of them got technical issues ranging from minor to big , that didnt really affect Batman in comparison , even on ps3 .

The battle system is intuitive ,very easy to get into, but gotta be mastered . Something most recent beat them up cant even claim .

At last the voice acting is top notch .

I dont think the game is perfect , far from it , but it deserved its accolade .

It's the word "overrated" that seems quite overrated and abused around here .
Most people the game rallied arent even huge fan of Batman and had between none to very little experience with the comics , how would an overrated game do that ?

NYC_Gamer2920d ago

its one of the best super hero games made

TheBatman_Fanatic2920d ago

It is THE BEST super hero game made!

VictoriousOne2920d ago

It is THE BEST comic-based video-game ever made. And that's the main reason why it's critically acclaimed.

BattleAxe2920d ago

I just bought Batman:AA GOTY Edition on STEAM with 66% off for $13.69.

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Cajun Chicken2920d ago

Cool. I hope that's the GoTY edition too.

wissam2920d ago

One year and it has became classic ?

plb2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

GOTY edition is also $13.66 on Steam this weekend

EDIT: WTH am I getting a disagree?

KratosGirI2920d ago

Get over it. They're just numbers.

Seriously, why the hell do people get so butthurt about disagrees?!?!

Here, I'll give you an agree so now you have 2!


Orionsangel2920d ago

When is Just Cause 2 going $19.99?

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