Blizzard: “We’d happily put a game on console if it played well”

VG247: Speaking during today’s Diablo III and World of Warcraft press conference at BlizzCon, Diablo III game director Jay Wilson and World of Warcraft production director J Allen Brack talked about Blizzard’s relationship – or lack thereof – with consoles. The long and short of it?

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sinncross2969d ago

Well reports indicate that Move works well on an RTS, so there is a possible avenue to explore.

Also, dont 360/ ps3 support keyboard mouse?

Even without Im sure they could get something workable, I mean this is Blizzard, they can figure something out.

morventhus2969d ago

agreed.. im sure ms would love to throw money at blizzard to make a timed exclusive game and would gladly allow them to use a keyboard and mouse peripheral that only works on the 360

imvix2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Mouse and keyboard are still way superior to the Move or any other motion control for that mattter.

Try playing Warcraft 3 sometime or maybe Starcraft 2, the amount of hotkeys needed to play those games in a competitive way can never be possible on the Move. Specially when people have 3vs3 or 4vs4 matches lot of chatting happens as well, for which a keyboard is just needed.

A game like world of warcraft is even more demanding. Consoles being closed platform dont allow for mods, People mod the hell out of world of warcraft UI to their liking.

jjmustoe2969d ago

or a timed exclusive for ps3

Kingdom Come2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Trolling? If you prefer the Playstation, good for you, you don't have to cry out for attention about it.

The Wood2969d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

sorry mate but one of the consoles DOES allow for mods. MS and Sony aren't the same in this regards other that that i agree. Mouse n keys will always be better suited for these types of games. Move just doesnt have enough buttons to truly compete against keyboard unless the games were dumbed down or tailored for less inputs. I just wish Sony pushed more mouse n keys enabled games like they did with Unreal tournament. Im not sure whos fault it is between the devs and sony why there aren't more games using m+k so i cant be sure who to be pissed at

Substance1012968d ago


You gonna refer us to Unreal tournament on the PS3? So because mods are allowed in just one game out of 500 or so released we can count the console as moddable?

I bet mods are not being allowed so that consolers are forced to buy DLCs. This is exactly what happens when a system is controlled by a company. While since PC is an open platform every other game is moddable.

The Wood2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

1's better than none and i was more talking from the mouse n keys angle with unreal plus it was a 3rd party game that allowed mods (ugc) but didnt on the 360. Sony's first party have allowed mods (ugc) on some of their games but like i said im not sure whos fault it is why m+k plus mods aren't more common. The dlc milking is definitely a good point and we've given 'whoever' the ky to use on us with our purchases habits. I think you'll see a difference when valve makes a ps3 game. Im sure mods will be allowed and hopefully mouse n keys too but time will tell


yep its those hot keys which make those game more playable. There would have to be some kinda workaround so for me enabling m+k is the way to go

nickjkl2968d ago

controllers might not have enough buttons but most of he buttons in pc games are used for hot keys

InfectedDK2968d ago

Why no Diablo III on my PS3? :(

NecrumSlavery2968d ago

Well RUSE w/ PS Move and HALO WARS shows you can put a RTS on a console, so that's a go for StarCraft. It'll sell more on console too.

And off course Diablo 3 would translated well to console(Lara Croft shows that with it's assimetrical style). Of course D3 looks wicked but it's clearly able to be handled on console. I assume there would only need to be a weapon/magic/items wheel or something to on-the-fly organize your loadout and gear. Online play would be awesome too.

STONEY42968d ago

"Well RUSE w/ PS Move and HALO WARS shows you can put a RTS on a console, so that's a go for StarCraft. It'll sell more on console too."

And those are really SLOOW compared to StarCraft 2. StarCraft 2 is the twitch shooter of RTSs. I have an APM of 90 (actions per minute, basically the amount of keys and movements I'm doing each minute), I don't see how I could replicate that on a console controller. Move would be even harder.

Really, unless you guys have played StarCraft 2, don't comment on how it would work fine with Move or on consoles. Because once you do, you'll realize that it would never.

nickjkl2968d ago

see stoney apm doesnt mean anything in starcraft 2 if you can get a high apm just by spamming buttons aka actions

rts can be done on a console you just have to eliminate hot keys

so it will come down to

left analog stick movement
right analog stick camera movement
start button for menus obviously
x buttton for selecting
r1, l1, r2, l2 for things like selecting units cycling through units

not to mention you still have combination of buttons that can be used

11 l2
l1 r1
r1 r2
l2 r2

STONEY42968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Except when I say 90, that's without pointless spam. In fact, the only point you can really spam is at the very beginning of the match, since later on, there won't be any time for spam, especially when I play my main race Zerg, since it's extremely macro and micro intensive, I'll be hitting the 100s.

"rts can be done on a console you just have to eliminate hot keys"

That kinda defeats the whole purpose. Playing StarCraft 2 without hotkeys is nigh impossible if you want to be decent. Example:

Zerg: 5stttttzzzz 4v *hold shift* *click on tiny squares on minimap* 6 *tab* m *tab* a 1eeeeeeee 2a*click* 1*click*s 3*click*x

I just built 6 Mutalisks and 8 Zerglings, injected Larvae into all my Hatcheries, researched Ground Melee Attacks Level 2 and Flyer Attacks Level 1, mutated some Zerglings in my army into 8 Banelings, attacked with Mutalisks, surrounded enemies with Zerglings, sent all my Banelings in to flank and detonated them..... in under 10 seconds, without even having to look at my base. Probably even under 10 seconds.

Now imagine how long that would take on a controller. I used 14 unique keys and both mouse buttons, and that's not even the maximum usable.

nickjkl2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

stoney like i said you have to think out side of the box when it comes to control schemes

l1 or some button to sort through bases or hold it to bring up a list

and then select what unit or upgrade to buy with dpad up for one unit down for another

its like a person using a joy pad on a fighting game vs a person using a key board different control schemes but one is adapted for a different medium

people like you is why i despise some gamers they lack creativity they take whats in front of them as the only way to do things and say it cant be done another way just because it hasnt been done

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Letros2969d ago

That's the big thing with Blizzard though, they don't do just "workable" it's a company of near perfection.

TroyAndAbed2969d ago

Yeah, but it's perfection of tactics. Where is the "I'm having fun" part of Blizzard's games?

pr0digyZA2968d ago

Well I have alot of fun in SC2 more than most games infact I had lots of fun in warcraft and Diablo so I think they do bring fun.

vhero2968d ago

@troyandabed I totally agree like with the latest patch for pre-cata it totally ruined the game for me I have 2 months sub left I am not using.. Wastes of money..

CombineElite2969d ago

Sorry but if a consoler wants a Blizzard game I would suggest they get a PC in which most people all ready have one anyway. Certain games just require more than a console can do.

I'm sure Activision is all over Blizzard "persuading" them to do something on the console which would be a very bad move.

evrfighter2969d ago

I would agree with that statement.

Blizzard dev's are probably the only people Kotick cares about pissing off. Which is why they haven't strayed from their ways.

Nihilism2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

"Well reports indicate that Move works well on an RTS"

You mean from press releases?

Every Ruse review I read said that it was worse than a gamepad on RTS :S


What do you mean they haven't strayed from their ways, SC2/ LAN, no mods, the 2 MAIN things that made those games famous. They already killed WC the RTS....they are turning everything they touch into $#!+ ( although sadly they can cash that $#!+ in for insane amounts of gold at the worlds banks...)


Yeah I didn't even consider buying RUSE for my PC, it looked really weak.

Supreme commander 2 is supposed to play ok on consoles. The supcom games are great.

Rainstorm812969d ago

Well.........RUSE sucks though...

i tried out the ruse demo with move the controls are very frustrating, but then again would i buy ruse anyway.

Substance1012969d ago

Yep Ruse looked like it will suck. Its only a check mark for Sony fanboys who like to boast Move is now being used in RTS. The same Fanboys that flamed motion controls when Nintendo launched it.

INehalemEXI2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Starcraft 64 on N64 was co developed by Blizzard and some other company I don't recall.

The only thing is this time , why would they consider doing this even though consoles have improved and K+M option is there. They are filthy rich from WoW subscriptions. It could be good for console owners but Blizzard prolly rather spend those resources on other things IMO.

Rainstorm812968d ago

Well you guys job to make it play well, shyt you made starcraft 64 are you seriously saying the N64 worked better with your games than the current gen?

Come on blizzard, dont give us console gamers the cold shoulder...=-P

cliffbo2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

ps3 supports keyboard and mouse but the 360 does not as far as i know, but developers dont seem to want to support the keyboard and mouse for the ps3 only game i know of that uses keyboard and mouse is unrealtournament on the ps3.

@imvix the ps3 does allow mods MS does not

cliffbo2968d ago

you know if i put that the sky is blue on this site i would still get disagrees.

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imoutofthecontest2969d ago

Me: "I'd happily play a new Blizzard game on a console if they made one."

vhero2968d ago

Only warcraft 4 for me.

TroyAndAbed2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )


Would they, really?

How about they try a different genre on a console, if their current games won't work?

I won't deny that they are some of the most talented developers in the industry. I just think it's wasted on Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft. Why can't we get a game like Uncharted or Shadow of the Colossus from them?

I know you'll all hate me for saying that, but I don't like any of those games. I LOVE the cut scenes. I LOVE the stories. The gameplay is just not my thing though. I understand that most people love them though.

Why can't they make an action/adventure, FPS, or traditional RPG? I want Blizzard to make the next Final Fantasy VII. The next Kingdom Hearts. The next Devil May Cry! Come on, Blizzard!

Sitris2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Why would they make a 3rd person shooter/platformer when they are the masters of the top down games. RTS, RPG are where they make amazing games. Why waste it on cookie cutter 3rd person shooters. Granted SotC is far from a shooter, but is also way different to what they make currently, and that is what they are masters at.
Arguably they make better games than both SotC and Uncharted, i certainly believe there games are far better than any console game ever made, due to the complexity and depth that they have within all their games.

Edit: you changed your comment but mine still aplies, I want blizzard to be original like they are now, RTS and Diablo style games are dying out due to consoles. Whilst the games you have mentioned are either getting heaps of sequals or are just slightly tweeked versions of another game, whilst SC, Diablo and WC are some of the most known franchises in gaming history. They can not be compared to ANY other game, these can only be done on PC. And this is coming from a die hard PS3 fan, you will never see me playing any other PC game other than Blizzard games. Well maybe Fable 3, as i am a RPG fanboy.

imvix2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Because blizzard dont make those 6-8hour adventures that console gamers like. Blizzard games are made to last a long time 5-10yrs atleast.


nope it doesnt, Theres more people playing Warcraft 3 right now then people playing some of the latest MP games on console. Heck i still play Warcraft 3 even though SC2 is out. The amount of strategy required to play that game never gets old, specially when teamed up with other races.

You probably say that because console games are designed to be played 6-10hours then you move on and pay for your next game.

leonlion2969d ago

How you can play the same game for 10 years it must get pretty booring

Rainstorm812968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

PC gamers are committed, they only ask for a great game every 5-10 years.

My question to PC fans is what happens when you dont want to play a MMO or a RTS??

Edit @ above and it will be played til 2020, with half-life and WOW.
But hey as long as you guys are happy

LMAO @ your PC games list below, all console games

Whatever helps you sleep at night, what does PS3 have to do with it? I have these games on X360, Mass Effect 2, Metro 2033, Splinter Cell Conviction. My point being the games i need a PC for isnt worth the $$ upgrading my PC. These are the only games im remotely interested in Command And conquer 4, Civilization 5, Starcraft 2 and SWTOR.

I Cant believe you said FF14 you have balls my friend.

SWTOR is the game that will push me over the edge i am a Huge Star Wars fan, and that game looks awesome.

imvix2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


PC gets 95% of the games out there, the 5% we dont get are funded by console companies. list of games released in 2010 on PC and are superior:

Alien Vs predator
Bad Company2
Bioshock 2
Call of duty black ops
Dark Siders
Dead Rising 2
Dragon Age awakening
Grand Theft Auto Episodes
F1 2011
Fifa 2011
Front Mission evolved
Just Cause 2
Kane & Lynch 2
Lara Croft Gaurdian of light
Lost planet 2
Mafia 2
Medal of honor
Prince of persia Forgotten sands

23 games off the top of my head.

Games not Available on the PS3 this year even if they do appear they will suck compared to the PC version:

Arcania 4
Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead
Command And conquer 4
Civilization 5
Final Fantasy 14
Mass Effect 2
Metro 2033
Splinter Cell Conviction
Stalker Call of the pripayat
Star Craft 2
Supreme comander 2

Yep PC has no games to play lol. Do yourself a favor and check out steam or direct2drive, youll be getting the superior versions and saving alot in the longrun, not to mention you wont be limited by a company next gen when you wont be able to play any of your current games on the next console.


While these games are available on console its not the same expereince, lol the price difference in games alone more then makes up the cost to upgrade to a decent system, Its cool you can keep paying your tax per game to Sony or Microsoft. You only delude yourself if you think paying more per game is cheaper.

FF14 while a terrible game will still be superior on PC, like it or not.

Sitris2968d ago

but not gaming on PC is stupid, most games run on cheap rigs. Stuff like Civ 5 and SC 2 run on realy varied rigs. For me though, gotta have the best settings for SC2!!!! Love that game.

Rainstorm812968d ago

Im not trying to play a half assed version, i want the game in its full glory, if im gonna short change myself i might as well continue to play Consoles especially when 95% percent of the games are on console anyway, and MMOs and RTSes arent my main genres.

Hey PCs are more powerful as they should be new hardware releases every year at least, with consoles i dont have to worry about being able to play game X and not game Y.

One thing for sure the prices are one of the best things about Pc games oh yes and the Mods of course

8800gtx2968d ago

You dont need upto date hardware to play the latest games in Full glory. Infact 3-4yr old hardware is enough to play current games in much better settings then a Console can ever run in.


Arnon2968d ago

The PC has more games than the entire catalog of the PS3, 360 and Wii combined. Just on Steam alone, there's 744 games that are $10 and under. Imagine the number of games above that. I'm sure they'll live without an MMO or an RTS.

Rainstorm812968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Most of you PC guys' arrogance is Epic, why would you compare the total library of PC titles to just this Gen?

Consoles dont encompass just one generation or one console, ive been gaming since Atari 2600, but to each his own.

My comment was specifically towards imvix for saying, "Blizzard games are made to last a long time 5-10yrs atleast......You probably say that because console games are designed to be played 6-10hours then you move on and pay for your next game."

Why would you say that then be excited about having those same 6-10hr console games on PC?

Sometimes you PC guys are worst than all of the PS3 & Xbox360 fanboys combined. Any chance you get to bash consoles riiight?

Oh well, as i said to each his own ..... On to the next one

Gaming will be better when gamers realize great things gaming related exist outside of your own narrow personal preference.

ct032968d ago

Because I can play pretty much this entire library on my 64 bit machine. Your PS3 or 360 don't even have full support for PS2 or Xbox1 games.

So unless you like to clutter up your home with a dozen different consoles, you're stuck with however much free backwards compatibility Sony et al allow you to have.

Substance1012968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"Why would you say that then be excited about having those same 6-10hr console games on PC?"

Steam discounts, bought bioshock 2 for 14usd few weeks after launch. Metro 2033 for 24usd, GTA 4 episods 7usd. Better graphics and performance are another plus. The same 6-10hour games on console cost a ton of money, prices almost never come down.


"So unless you like to clutter up your home with a dozen different consoles, you're stuck with however much free backwards compatibility Sony et al allow you to have. "

True they have no gaurantee even the games they are buying now will run on the next Console. Hard chance they will get BC next gen because console makers will want them to run out and buy new games, drop support for the old ones immediately.

Arnon2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Please stop with the idiotic comments.

I would have hoped by now that you realize the PC has an emulator for basically every console that's been released prior to this generation, plus a Wii emulator, plus the PC's own titles. So in actuality, the PC has more games than every console combined.

Yes, the PC can be used just like a console as well, and allows for any controller available to be used on a PC. It can also be enjoyed from the comfort on your couch in resolutions unheard of on consoles with better performance in essentially every category.

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NnT32912969d ago

It's like asking Valve to make Mario games. You do know that every dev has their own strength and style right?

TroyAndAbed2968d ago

I do know that. These guys would almost certainly be good at EVERY genre though. Why limit yourselves to old-school gameplay mechanics? Seriously.

It's annoying to me.

Valve makes Half-life, Portal, Counter Strike, and Left 4 Dead. I ENJOY every single game they've ever made. They're brilliant! As a PC gamer, it makes me angry to see such talent in a genre I don't enjoy playing.

Do you guys want to start listening now...or are you going to continue with the selective reading?

leonlion2969d ago

Ps3 supports keyboard and mouse don't they

NnT32912969d ago

But most ps3 gamers like to play on a comfy couch, how many of them play on a desk?

Sitris2968d ago

BAM 2 in a row, 2 Great comments my friend, keep it up!

palaeomerus2968d ago

Get pillow and a lap-board. "Problem" solved.

ct032968d ago

No publisher in their right mind would release a game on console that requires keyboard and mouse to be played properly.
After all, how many console owners actually have a keyboard and mouse hooked up?

palaeomerus2968d ago

You can get a keyboard and mouse for $20. You can get a wireless keyboard and mouse for $30. That's retail.

Yet the console companies and publishers expect people to run out and buy a pair of move controllers, a navigator controller, a racing wheel, dual flight sticks, a fishing rod controller, a skate deck controller, a DJ turntable controller, a plastic guitar and drumset controller, a bongo controller, a scale to stand on, a microphone headset, a set of plastic bongos, maraca controllers, a Dance pad, a guncon, a 3d TV with glasses, a heart rate sensor, and a Kinect camera? LOL. Wake up.

Drjft2968d ago

Wow. They should of looked at how hard Diablo I failed on Playstation...

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