Live Video of Pokémon Center Tokyo in Pokémon Black and White theme

With over 4 million sold editions of Pokémon Black and White one wonders what the Pokémon Center in Tokyo must look like. went to Japan and brought back some Photos and Video footage.

And yes, they play the Poké-Center music of the game 24/7!

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Miroque2918d ago

The worst fact is that they use the music over and over and over and over.... You get the image...

DORMIN2917d ago

Good lord, that must be terrible to work there.

Hopefully they let workers use MP3 players.

portablegaming2918d ago

Geez that is Pokémon hell!

Sorano2918d ago

649 times at least 2 Dollars = a fortune! Good that I am not a collector!

portablegaming2918d ago

Lol. Never thought of it that way XD

franktheprankreturns2918d ago

Who in this world like Pokémon anyway???

Zyrando2918d ago

I hate this Pokémon-Hype!!!

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