Confirmed: There will be another World of Warcraft expansion after Cataclysm

In a “BlizzCon Exclusive”, World of Warcraft lead producer J. Allen Brack revealed that yes, there will be an expansion pack following Cataclysm, even though the developers don’t quite know what it will involve at this stage.

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Shanks2921d ago

Just let it die already.

saint_john_paul_ii2921d ago

how are they going to let it die when over 10 million people are playing it right now?

Shanks2921d ago

They won't, but i still hope it'll die :[

Bobbykotickrulesz2921d ago

Over 10 million? Bahaha that's a bunch of bullshit guaranteed.

I bet you won't even find 1 million people online at this very moment.

Just let it die already.

akiraburn2921d ago

Yeah they'll inevitably keep making expansions for probably another 6-7 years, raising the level cap by 5 levels each expansion until they reach 100. By then though, they'll already have either WoW 2, World of Starcraft, World of Diablo, or another MMO in development, as well as having already released whatever their current "new" MMO project is.

discstu372921d ago


Clearly, you are not familiar with Blizzard's development time line if you think that much would come out in such a short period. ;)

despair2921d ago

@Major Jack Hoff

to blizzard it doesn't matter how many people are online right now, what matters is how many are paying for the game and thats 10 million. So every month they make 150 million from just subscribers and when cataclysm is released you bet it will sell millions.

Baka-akaB2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@Major Jack Hoff

Except there are censuses ingame , you know with actual numbers per servers , saying that you are completely off .

ps : just fyi i dont care about the game and how big it is anyway .

SuperM2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Actually, blizzard announced that its now 12 million people playing WoW. People assume that WoW is declining, but the fact is WoW is still growing. If Blizzard were letting WoW die then it would be the most financially stupid thing done in the history of videogames. World of Warcraft along with Call of Duty is the sole reason Activision is making a profit. And World of Warcraft is the most profitable game in the history of mankind.

And why do you hope it will die? There are so many people that love to play the game. Does it hurt you in any way that they get to play a game they like? You might not like the game, but you should respect the fact that alot of people do.

Sony3602921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

It's actually 12 million paying subscribers. They passed the 10 million mark years ago.

akiraburn2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@discstu37, heh, well no offense intended, but actually I'd consider myself decently familiar with Blizz and their development timeframes. Please note that I was referring to one of those I listed as just being "in development" by the time WoW concludes, and that their new MMO they're working on now will have released (should be assumed considering it's 6-7 years away.

As for WoW and it's expansions, if you're suggesting that they won't have all the expansions out by then, I would have to disagree. If we were talking about any other game from Blizz, I'd be agreeing with you completely as they are known to take extended amounts of development time, but with WoW it's sort of a different case I believe. It's been pretty consistent that since vanilla WoW was released, a new expansion has been released every 2 years (give or take two months). Considering the level cap is going to be raised to 85 after Cataclysm's launch, that means probably 3 more expansions, and assuming they will keep the 2 year development cycle, it'll be another 6-7 years like that. Regardless, I basically lost interest in WoW a while ago.

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Beahmscream2921d ago

I wish... but it'll be around a long, long time

deadreckoning6662921d ago

Never played World of it actually as good as people say it is?

KillerPwned2921d ago

Go try the 10 day trail personally i cant stand the game. I lost a few friends to this game. They just start playing it and would not stop ever. I dont understand what is so amazing about it.

Fragger2k82921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

No.. no it is not.

Honestly, there are free MMO's out there that are better. Paying $15 a month for this game is just not worth it, in my opinion. Almost all MMO's are the exact same game, so pretty much whatever you choose, you're getting the same exact dull and repetitive experience.

If they still have the option to, you could try it out for free for a bit. I really did not find it fun at all. =\

If you haven't yet, you should check out Dungeon's and Dragon's Online, it's not bad. Also, I personally think RuneScape is a really great MMO to play.

blasian2921d ago

I tried it for a month and the thing about it is its ridiculously easy. You can hit 80 in no time and then you do dungeons for gear until your GS is high enough to do Ice crown. The quests are so easy because you can fly over everything and land where you need to go. I did find PvP to be fun though.

SuperM2921d ago

There is a reason why its such a major success. Its definately the best MMO out there. But it totally depend on your taste.

Obama2921d ago

Quit 5 years ago. Too addictive. It's great fun though.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Blizzcon fogot to say there is another Expansion after the Expansion after the Expansion after the Expansion of Cataclysm.

Meanwhile, FFXIV Online is failing. I assume Square Enix is working on a BIG patch to improve a lot of things.

Probably one of the reasons they released FFXIV Online is because of the expansion of WoW.

Spydiggity2921d ago

you don't have to play it. i wish Call of Duty would die a horrible horrible death. but you know how i deal with it...I DON'T F*CKING PLAY IT! a crappy company over producing a crappy game year after year will never get a cent from me.

at least wow provides you with some level of diversity. there's a reason no other MMO can come close to dethroning it.

lovestospoodge2921d ago


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Hellsvacancy2921d ago

Thats as obvious as 155 cummin after 154

kingjoker342921d ago

Why cant you not just say coming. jesus

KillerPwned2921d ago

As Jill would say from Resident Evil "ITS FINALLY OVER!"..........(Barry) "No Jill...No..its not..."

Spydiggity2921d ago

then she wakes up and gets raped by smurfs. very unexpected ending

SilverSlug2921d ago

Who didn't see it coming.

SuperM2921d ago

Yea, well Blizzard has been pretty clear that they are going to support wow for a long time and this includes new expansions. They have confirmed that there will be more expansions a long time ago, so this really isnt news. Im pretty confident when i say there is going to be atleast 3 more expansions. And if people havent stopped playing by then there will be more (and it probably will be).

StarScream4Ever2921d ago


How much more can we destroy Azeroth? What's next? Move to space?

Sitris2921d ago

An underground realm? Enter the realm of hell or the demons? There is quite a lot of things to do still, they could also make a Warcraft4 and create all new locations haha I can only dream....

Sony3602921d ago


How much more can people whine about every-last-freaking-change that comes to the game?

Played since the originals game release, and I've been happy with most of the changes introduced. Raiding was a chore, the classes were limited and unbalanced, and quests/raids/dungeons were boring. Vanilla wasn't that great, please get over it.

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