Game Revolution: Sports Champions Review

Game Revolution: "Motion gaming is synonymous with sports. Not Madden, or FIFA, or even the NBA. It's impossible to say motion gaming and not think of tennis or bowling in Wii Sports. That's just how the cultural zeitgeist works. Until Grandma and Grandpa realize that the PS3 has a lot of must-play exclusives, they're going to keep trying to hit that perfect score with their Miis."

+ Completely realistic gameplay with Move
+ Gladiator Duel, Disc Golf, Archery
+/- Volleyball, Bocce
- Table Tennis
- As much depth as Wii Sports

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crashsnipe2921d ago

and the game being only 40 makes it seem like a must buy

SprSynJn2921d ago

That is the game most people I know love playing. It is the only one I play on the demo as well. How can it be a minus?

DaTruth2921d ago

The dude sucks at Table Tennis!

TheLastGuardian2921d ago

this game was fun as hell for the first week but then it just got insanely hard which led to frustration and boredom.

KUV19772921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

This review is really ... kinda weired .. Table Tennis on easy is a bit annoying as the paddle jumps to the ball, but after easy it's pretty great. Even in easy it is miles better than the Wii version which is used there as reference material.

"Finally, Table Tennis has the ugly category all to itself. Table Tennis is a hair's breadth away from Wii Tennis, except it plays terribly. Sports Champions doesn't account for the different ways of holding a paddle, nor does it track the player's movements as accurately as any of the other sports."

That's just as wrong as is:
"Beach Volleyball treats the player like a child through the whole process. Time is slowed down for each hit so you can be sure to get the right form"
The slowdown only happens for balls you couldn't possibly get without it. Apart from that i can't remember any slowdowns.

"Bocce is about as close to Bowling as Sports Champions is going to get."

That guy has certainly not played the later stages, that are neither close to bowling nor are they even intended to be...

That it still manages to get a B after Table Tennis is so bad and Volleyball and Bocce are 'unispired' is as strange as the whole review itself.

N4Great2921d ago

Yeah, poor review, table tennis is just marvelous.

NecrumSlavery2921d ago

Ping Pong if tough cause it takes the most movement. You can sit and play all the games for the most part, but if you think you can give a little waggle and not really play the game, you're sadly mistaken. Get off you fat ass and play the table tennis like a champ.

akiraburn2920d ago

Completely agree. It's very hard to believe that they are playing the game I am. Maybe they simply have their PSEye set up wrong, but parts in the article like the ones you mentioned make me feel as if they simply didn't even play the game.

btk2921d ago

Just wow...
All the games start of on easy mode is Wii-like. But as you progress it becomes extremely sensitive and unforgiving and challenging. Table Tennis being one of them.

Fail for this review. Did they review Wii Sports or did they actually have Sports Champions when they did the review?

hesido2921d ago

Table tennis is the most accurate portion of the game. In gold tournaments, it gets as close to real table tennis as a game should get (if it was a bit more realistic, it would be harder than real table tennis as it is just on a 2d screen.)

Table tennis has been my favourite in the package..

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