6-Year-Old Plays Grand Theft Auto IV

A 6-year-old plays Grand Theft Auto IV:

"I just shot somebody and killed somebody without the cops going after me... I really like this game"

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mjolliffe2920d ago

Somehow, I'm guessing he ain't the only one...

ico922920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

its funny because the same parents that allow their kids to play violent games, are gonna criticise the exact same games for being violent, these parents wouldn't let their kids watch porn, so why would they let them play a game Thats not suitable for that age. The problem isn't with game its with the parenting.

NecrumSlavery2920d ago

Some lady delivered Pizza at my work yesterday. She said something about how bad kids are, then went on to commenting on how she knows it's wrond but she lets her teens smoke weed cause it chills them out. Some people really piss me off with logic like that.

Hideo_Kojima2920d ago

@Necrum why do you think smoking weed makes you a bad person?

I used to play GTA 3 when it came out and I was 8 years old than.
I didn't know that I had to do missions but i sure did ran over a lot of people.

Razmossis2920d ago

My nephew does the exact same thing only with Vice City (which he instead calls 'Trees Man', since Tommy Verceti has trees on his shirt).
He's been playing Vice City with his tiny hands since he was 4, he also never took interest in the violence, just the free roam driving.

I myself have also played GTA from a young age, GTA1 came out when I was 9, and I've played every one since. I'm 22 now and have only been violent maybe twice in my life.. but never unprovoked

bananlol2920d ago

Smoking weed doesnt make you a bad person, being a bad person makes you a bad person. That said you shouldnt do any drugs until your brain is fully developed or else you might get complications. And its the parents responsibility to make shure you dont, so id have to agree with NecrumSlavery.

OT: I played a lot more violent video games when i vas 6-12 then i do nowdays, it simply doesnt amuse me like it did back then. Nobody ever told me that it wasnt real, my parents probably had no idea what i was playing. That said i have what i can remember never been in a real fight in my entire life, and had no problem to differ between reality and fiction.

I believe its not the violence in videogames thats harmful for kids, but the amount of time they spend with them, especially if its a twitchy shooter like cs that demand full concentration.

kaveti66162920d ago

"its funny because the same parents that allow their kids to play violent games, are gonna criticise the exact same games for being violent,"

how do you know? It's almost as if you just pulled some "evidence" out of your ass to make an argument.

inveni02919d ago

There's nothing wrong with a 6-year old playing this. What's wrong is that we teach kids that specific things are wrong instead of the context of those things. For instance, I tell my 5-year old that "sh*t" is not a bad word, but that we don't use it because some people are offended by it. Instead of teaching him that "sh*t" is a bad word, we teach him that it's wrong to be disrespectful. That way, instead of cursing at his teachers using ANY words, he holds his tongue. The only thing we really filter in front of him is sex and nudity because that's a much more difficult concept for children.

jeeves862919d ago

I think you just contradicted yourself there. You said that you don't teach your kids that certain things are right and certain things are wrong, yet you teach them it's wrong to be disrespectful? My opinion is that if you don't teach your kids, they're not gonna learn it, no matter how awesome of a job you think you're doing.

I think violence is a pretty touchy subject for children as well. How often have you had to tell a young child (your child or a relative) that we don't hit each other when they bash their brother or sister in the face.

inveni02919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I didn't contradict myself, I just didn't make myself clear. I didn't mean that I don't teach them that ANYTHING is wrong. I meant that I don't teach them that "sh*t" is wrong but "poop" is not. It's the context in which words are used that make them "wrong". For instance, if my son told his teacher to "Shut the f*ck up," he would get in as much trouble as if he said, "Shut up." Why? Because the words he uses don't matter--it's that he was disrespectful that makes it wrong. At the same time, I tell him not to say those "bad" words because some people are offended by them. For instance, if my son goes to school and says, "Sh*t!" when he breaks his pencil, he'll get in trouble. So, I don't tell him not to say it because it's wrong. I tell him not to say it because he'll get in trouble.

Is that more clear?

As for the question about violence: I've never sheltered my kids from violence. My oldest never hits. Ever. It's just not in his nature. My youngest? Hits all the time. He's a lot rougher and tougher than my oldest. Is this caused by what he watches? Maybe. But the truth is that both kids have been exposed to the same things for their life. Is the youngest more inclined to act out violently than the oldest, and so the youngest is more influenced by violent television? Perhaps. But the truth is that he can throw/catch a ball...he can feed himself...he can run and jump...he can sit quietly...he can control his arms and legs. Further more, my youngest's show of choice is Care Bears...

I have seen people with kids that aren't even allowed to watch Pixar films--families that have "Christian" cable access...not regular cable access... And their kids are some of the worst out there.

Bottom line is that the jury is out when it comes to the influence of media-based violence on people. I've played all of the worst games imaginable (Doom, Duke Nukem, Heretic, all GTAs, etc.), and I'm not violent or a Satan worshiper. So, my technique for raising my kids is to teach them to be kind, courteous, giving, selfless and caring. It's also my goal to teach them the difference between fantasy and reality. So far, I'm doing well. My oldest son started kindergarten this year, and he has no behavior issues.

Teenagers are a different story, however.

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King-Leonidas2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Im surprised FOX news didnt pick this up already.


Funny how this article is tagged as a Xbox article.

thorstein2919d ago

There are kids that are 15 who are still too immature to play this. My son is 6 and he could handle it, if I let him. He is just that much farther along.

He knows the difference between make believe and reality. But he loves all of his games. Some are violent, some are not. But I know when something is too much for him. That is why I am the parent.

Black-Helghast2919d ago

Why are you guys complaning so much? 5 year olds play Halo Reach, and that game is rated ''M''.

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Hellsvacancy2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Whats the big deal its ONLY a game, i remember watchin NightBreed with my Dad when i was 6, i turned out "alright"

MariaHelFutura2920d ago

I love the it`s ONLY entertainment line.

Yes, media has ZERO effect on society. When you look around you must not be seeing what I`m seeing. McDonalds will probably be the first to say "It`s only food".

NecrumSlavery2920d ago

I remember my dad making me play Mortal Kombat on Genesis. I was like, no I'll watch you, and he said I needed to play this. This was prior to knowing the Blood Code or any Fininshing Moves. So I guess it wasn't to bad. My brother came over and I remember he did scorpions move and torched the guy, I though that was to scariest and most insane thing in any game, back then. He wouldn't give it to me, but I learned them all eventually. How times have changed.

unknownhero11232920d ago

and it's the people's choice to eat that food, just like it's the parents choice to buy kids M rated games. sure, I do believe that developers, publishers, and games shops have some responsibility in making sure a kid doesn't play a M rated game but that's why there is a rating system. In the end, it is the parents responisbility to check the rating before buying and determine if thier kid is Mature enough to play the game.

TheSleepyGamer2920d ago

Thats still a creepy film :p .

wenaldy2920d ago

Still not suitable for their age...

TengkuAmir102920d ago

I played Playboy: Mansion when I was 8. My dad seems "okay" with it.

MrChow6662920d ago

please dont compare shooting people with porno

visualb2920d ago

thats the thing...its a movie =|

in this situation a movie IS different to a game. Movies, your actions don't have consequences (you don't even have actions...)

in a game they do =|

trust me, I have two nephews, and when ever I played any Open World game they'd say "kill that, kill him, attack that"

when I asked them why?

"oh because thats what dad does on GTAIV he kills everything and the cops go after him its really cool"

YOU can turn out alright, but not every kid will

bananlol2920d ago

But whats to say that the kids who didnt turn out "alright" would have if they didnt play the games?

Lou Ferrigno2920d ago

i dunno man,N4G seems to think you didnt turn out that great lol

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pat_11_52920d ago

That's sort of how I feel, I didn't really think anything of him playing the game beside me. If his parents are okay with it then that's choice, still the kids only 6....

TheSleepyGamer2920d ago

I've never been censored much, I must've been about 9 or 10 when I played the first Grand Theft Auto. So far I haven't shot anybody or stole a car...

Greycat_James2920d ago

I played Halo at the age of about 9. I played Unreal Tournament at around 7. I Played Sonic and Tetris at about 2 or 3. The way my parents always handled violent games with me when I was young was always quite negative. When I played Unreal, my dad watched over my shoulder and suggested that I stop when he saw some of the gore. He played through Halo first before he'd let me play it. After that I started getting free reign over what games I played. I've managed so far without killing anyone. In fact, now I'm studying Games Design and a highly renowned University.

If the parent has played the game and knows what their child is getting into, then I say it's fine. If they think that through observation the child is able to tell reality from the game world. Sure. If the child starts to steal police cars in the real world, someone's done something wrong.

DNAbro2920d ago

out of curiosity what university?

Lou Ferrigno2920d ago

so 18 and studying game design? .. noice!

4pocalyps32920d ago

But the only game with blood that I played as a kid was Killer Instint and that wasn't even that bloody compared to what used to be out then. I was more into mario and all that shiznit. Don't know about anyone else, but seeing alot of blood ont he screen used to scare the shit outta me. I'm pretty much ok now though and, like you, am currently studying Games Design at university as well.