Bitmob: Conduit 2 Hands-On

Bitmob: You've got to love the guys at High Voltage Software. They really do want to make great games...specifically, great games for the Wii. They're also the only developers who jot down notes and ask questions while I play test versions of their games. "You said the sprint needed to be faster?" "How'd that gun feel to you?" "Does the grenade arc need work?" They're interviewing me.

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Shnazzyone2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Conduit could have been a great game but it really was lacking in direction. They finally make a really good fps engine for wii and then screwed it up with generic level design. Very nice graphics, control and even the story wasn't half bad...but execution overall was poor.

Not to mention the multiplayer had great ideas but ruined it with a mariokart-esque random voting system with no options for a custom game of any type. Not to mention it just worked buggy. I have no idea how many times in multiplayer I would spawn in a wall and have to wait staring at a glitchy mess for a new game to start where i could play.

If they solved all these issues i might be interested. But after the disappointment of the last one I will probably not be preordering it like I did the first one. Will wait for the reviews.

acronkyoung2915d ago

I just love that they're still trying to make wii exclusive games. Gotta love that determination, because if they succeed it could be awesome.