FTG Review: Costume Quest

Costume Quest, the latest from the developers Double Fine has been released in a week with other downloadable and retail games that may eclipse this game. Does it deserve more attention or was it rightly overlooked?

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KalebKJC942921d ago

This was written very well, straight to the point with no frills. Now that's how I like my game writing

Bobbykotickrulesz2921d ago

lol the guy that wrote the article created a bunch of accounts to compliment his own work.

If that isn't sad, I don't know what is.

Mr_Rippe2921d ago

The writer shows promise. I enjoyed reading it.

Sircinnamon2921d ago

Really great review! I agree with all of it!

Mlgbasica2921d ago

It's crazy that a reviewer would review such a kid game. Who can this reviewer be taken. Seriously when reviewing games like this. Lame.

Neo Nugget2921d ago

I don't know man it. Must be something in. The water.

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