Jun Kazama In Consideration For Tekken Again

Back in August, Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada, touched upon what happened to Jun Kazama following the events of Tekken 2. While the popular theory is that she’s dead, Harada revealed that this wasn’t the case.

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SkyCrawler2918d ago

Jun is Tekken's lovechild for the fans. So to have her back would be God mode for us. Even though we have Asuka, there's something she's missing compare to Jun.

vhero2918d ago

According to the books/game/movies she was supposed to be assassinated by Tekken Forces whether they succeeded or not is a different matter. Kazuya hired a team to kill her once he learned she was alive.

Hulk04082917d ago

What about Kunimitsu? She need to come back too. It was kunimitsu and Jun i picked most of the time on tekken tag .

Homicide2917d ago

In the Tekken 6 art-book, one of the directors said Kunimitsu might not come back due to player complaints. First, players wanted her back, but when she did on Tekken Tag, many complained that she was back. So he was confused and decided not to bring her again.