Top 10 Things Fable III Needs to Be Epic

From the feature article:

"As I’m sure we’re all more than familiar, Peter Molyneux has a way of overpromising what the games Lionhead puts out are capable of in terms of content, context and ultimately we end up feeling well oversold on the experience – at which point Molyneux usually apologizes for overselling us on the game and tells us the next one will be better. Well, with Fable III set to release next week, I’ll be honest in saying that I’m pretty excited with what I’m seeing so far and thing it has the potential to be a cohesive experience, easily topping what was proffered in its two predecessors."

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UltimaEnder2969d ago

Been playing Fable 3 for a couple days now, loving it - watch for the review soon!

Eamon2969d ago

Do you think it's better than Fable and Fable II?

dtalon32969d ago

I agree it is awesome...the more I play now the more I enjoy it. Still don't know how I feel about leveling system and not sure if the weapon transforming is actually as cool as I wanted it to be, not far enough to know for sure yet.

LaurenKB1232969d ago

One of my top games coming this month, can't wait!

iamgoatman2969d ago

According to 2 people it's not one of your top games this month, they obviously saw straight through your lie...

Oh and you apparently can wait as well.

SmokexFFx2969d ago

Disagree's make people feel better! I'm all for people felling better, click that button...CLICK IT!

Dr Face Doctor2969d ago

Is "More-than-one-button combat" on that list?

Eamon2969d ago

One Button Combat was what made the combat in Fable II much more enjoyable.

Remember, it's not a hack and slash action game. It's an RPG game. Meaning customization, leveling up, interaction with NPCs, Story and 'role-playing' is core gameplay.

I also liked how they removed the mana gauges in Fable II. It was pretty annoying in Fable 1 to always quickly run out of mana when you use Magic.

asyouburn2969d ago

any game you can beat in 8 hrs is an action game. if it was gonna be that short, they shouldve beefed up the combat

iamgoatman2969d ago

I agree with Eamon, only having to use 1 button for combat did improve the game. The old combat scheme was a bit fiddly having to draw your weapon first before using it. Some would say it was overly simple, but it was just 1 less button press, but it did help the combat become a smoother and faster.


If you finished Fable in 8hrs you were clearly rushing through the story missions as fast as possible. I take it you did all the side missions in Fable 2, as well as finding all the gargoyles in your playthrough? Seems rather unlikely.

asyouburn2969d ago

but it was way too short. i usually like my rpgs to be at least 40-60 hrs.

CaptainMarvelQ82969d ago

Farting is THE Most epic thing i have seen in a game
what more can you want?

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