Then And Now: Feelings On The Fighting Game Genre

Isaiah Taylor reveals the importance of fighting games and how it effected his youth and the eventual downward spiral the genre endured. The questions is, with this new age of DLC and patch fixes, is the fighting game genre better or worse for it?

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ShadowPraxis2915d ago

It's definitely food for thought - the scene now has changed irrevocably with the digital age.

RogueCheddar2915d ago

I've never gotten into a fighting game, except Dead or Alive, and that, only because I was a big perv in high school. Not that I'm not now.

alphakennybody2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I miss the days when Fighting genre was all the craze. Tekken,MK,DOA,SF,KOF etc... were all competing for the best,good times. Sadly now its all about fps.

soundslike2915d ago

good read. I'm still waiting for a real fighting game that doesn't rely on arcade-visual-spamming or any sort of special moves. SF is great, but its 2010 all we need is a create-a-character where you choose fighting styles and you learn how to punch and kick, not bounce around the screen like you just railed some amphetamines.

LeShin2915d ago you haven't played Virtua Fighter 5 then?

soundslike2915d ago

I have, but they still rely on old arcade mechanics despite the impressive move set. What I would expect this long in the genres history is more of a EA Fight Night fluidity take on it. My point is: there's still a lot of ground not covered, and if i knew exactly what that ground was, I would be a developer :D

LeShin2915d ago

Fair enough, I did actually want the same thing as you awhile back, I.e. a fighting game with a more 'realistic approach'

...but then I bought Def Jam Icon lol Seeing what they did to that series made me rethink a LOT of things! They made it more 'realistic' by giving the fighters moves grounded in reality and also made the fighters move like a human would.

It is one of the most dull experiences ever!

Some things just doesn't work when you try to inject 'realism' into it.

dredgewalker2915d ago

@Le Shin

Bushido Blade pulled off some "realism" with one hit kills. But I do agree that Def Jam Icon was awful compared to the original which was fun and over the top.

soundslike2915d ago

just because someone failed in their half baked attempt to cash in on the def jam license, doesn't really mean it cant be dont. doesn't really mean anything besides that was a shitty game

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dredgewalker2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )


Do you mean Fighter Maker for the PS1?

Krimmson2915d ago

If you're able to play Japanese PS2 games, try out Garouden Breakblow: Fist or Twist. You might enjoy it.

dredgewalker2914d ago

Looks good and instead of a lifebar you do damage to certain parts. This has gotten my interest and I will look for more videos of this to see if this is worth importing.

jetlian2914d ago

my ps2 playing this lol I karate chop the #%$^ out of it. It had a crack which effected the fan so after 5 mins of playing it would cut off.

Fun game though my lil cuz kept getting yujiro hanma. both his level 1/2 supers take 90 percent health. his level 3 is automatic win

dredgewalker2915d ago

I miss the old KOF series seeing how the series now is just a shadow of its former self. The new one only looks good but it doesn't have the depth and sophistication of the old series. I still do not like online fighting cause it cannot compete with fighting at the arcades where I can see my opponent and his expression along with the cheering and jeering of spectators. I used to frequent the arcades in my youth along with my friends searching for good players that we want to beat. I still play fighting games now at home with my brothers and their friends while having beer.

XxBarretxX2915d ago

KoF13 will hopefully prove this wrong

dredgewalker2914d ago

I really do hope that KOF13 will prove me wrong. I would very much appreciate a new KOF that is at least on par or better than the old ones. If not then can they not at least remake the old ones in hd?

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