Options Increasing For Gay Gamers

From Dragon Age to Fable, gay gamers are finding more options to play games in their own style. While role playing games have offered heterosexual relationships for years, the option for gamers to have same sex relationships has not always been there. That is changing though, as games are beginning to offer more options. Brutal Gamer reports.

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Serjikal_Strike2915d ago

are gay gamers now added to the list of
Hardcore gamers
Casual gamers

menoyou2915d ago

its amazing how gays see oppression in everything. 99% of games have no mention of any sexual orientation (just like it is in real life) but they arent satisfied unless pacman goes around claiming hes gay while chomping magic pills or something.

what a ridiculous group of people.

CameronL992915d ago

it's true, they are a ridiculous group of people. They make up 2 percent of the population but think characters should all be like them. Think of what it does to a character when you change their sexual orientation - imagine kratos with an option to jump in a pool with either 2 girls, or in one next to it with 2 guys - it changes his character drastically. Plus it's perverted and unnatural and is completely a choice, but that's another discussion for another day.

002915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

"imagine kratos with an option to jump in a pool with either 2 girls, or in one next to it with 2 guys - it changes his character drastically"

well considering he's "part of" the Greek
mythology that wouldn't be so bad compared to what the actual Greek gods have done.

RoboRyan2915d ago

"well considering he's "part of" the Greek
mythology that wouldn't be so bad compared to what the actual Greek gods have done."

considering he's part of the Greek mythology, homosexual acts were a pretty commonplace thing and it wouldn't be shocking if he got it on with dudes.

hazelamy2915d ago

well that's funny menoyou, because the first comment on this article is is somebody complaining how gay gamers are getting options that reflect their lifestyle.

so i would say you've got this backwards.

did you even read the article?

like most people here it would seem, no.

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EvilTactician2915d ago

And I suppose because of the lack in same sex relationships, Gay gamers felt discriminated against and didn't feel "at home" in gaming as a hobby?

I would say that any gamer who requires sexual interaction in their games in order to enjoy themselves should really go outside a little more often and try their hands at some *real* human interaction.

I find the title a little misleading, as Gay Gamers have just as many games at their disposal as any other gamer. It should more adequately read: Options to roleplay a gay character increasing.

averyzoe2915d ago

Yes, it's true that no one should be seeking out sexual interaction in games. However, there are many games that offer it as part of the game (God of War, anyone?). What is so wrong about offering that same thing, and just giving people the option of who it should be with?

EvilTactician2915d ago

There's nothing wrong with that, but whether or not the sexual interaction in a game is with men, women, aliens or trees - it doesn't really matter.

If a gamer really feels that they don't have "options" because a game doesn't include a gay relationships, then they really ought to seek help.

That's not saying that I don't appreciate that players like having a choice, it's just a bit of a non-story/article...

NeoBasch2915d ago

I think people are forgetting the point. It's not about the sex. For instance, my Shepard in Mass Effect remains relationship free because of the lack of same-sex relations. Romancing characters can be fun. I don't need to see them have sex, but if I become immersed in a game and feel attached to a particular character that happens to be gay as well, I'd like to pursue such an option. It makes you more invested in the story and characters. It's a great plot device that many developers are skipping out on unfortunately. : \

dredgewalker2915d ago

I don't have anything against homosexuals but isn't any good game just fine to play with as long as there is no sexual discrimination? Since when does sexual preference become an issue in gaming?

Parapraxis2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

@dredgewalker "isn't any good game just fine to play with as long as there is no sexual discrimination?"

Very well said, just as in music, movies or TV, it's whether or not there IS discrimination that matters.

I have not personally come across any games that sexually discriminate.

Even games like Gears with pumped up muscle heads don't toss around words like "fa**ot" or qu*er".

Of course that sort of discrimination just wouldn't fly in todays society, which is something we should all be happy about, straight, gay or whatever.

InTheZoneAC2915d ago

because seeing two guys in a bed in god of war would be disgusting. Sticks dont go together. And the rear end with a stick is just disgusting to even imagine.

Gay people=gross.

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DanielakaValent2915d ago

In my opinion as someone who is Bi I personally like the choice but it isnt necessary to enjoy a Frakkin video game, and for the morons that are making such a bid deal about it one question. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU AFRAID OF?!?!?!?! I mean really its not a HUGE deal so what yeah it makes the game more interactive maybe a little more entertaining. Im just glad to have been raised to treat everyone with respect enough not to give a fuck about it. Am I gonna give up playing resident evil just because it doesnt have gay or bisexual men in it HELL FUCKING NO or what about Devil May Cry, Bayonetta (she gets naked YAY lol) hell no im not and maybe one day people will realize that instead of hating something that is different maybe they should understand it

tunaks12915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

videogames are games,
sex is ALMOST unnecessary in them, can anyone think of a time in a game where having sex pushed the narrative forward? GOW's childish button mashing sex sequences are a prime example of how immature games are.

EvilTactician2915d ago

Leisure Suit Larry is probably one of the few games were sex, or the desire thereof, pushes the narrative forward.

But I otherwise completely agree with your point.

CameronL992915d ago

so sex is a childish thing? what are you a pedophile? lol I love hoe people like to try and distance themselves from things by calling it childish when clearly it's adult oriented. If you had an ounce of testosterone in your system you'd understand what the sex minigames do in GOW - it serves to create character for Kratos, he likes sex just as much as every other man. And yes I mean every other man, as every man, admit it or not, has fantasized about having 2 girls in bed. Stop playing the pussy hypocrite who denies reality.

Galaxia2915d ago

"can anyone think of a time in a game where having sex pushed the narrative forward?"

Dragon Age. Without sex scenes, I'll just say the ending could pan out very differently. Dragon Age does sex so well. And as stated above, GOW's sex scenes serve to give Kratos some more characterization.

blumatt2915d ago

Why does there need to be an option to BE GAY for their to be options for gay gamers? lol You don't play games to represent your orientation. You play games to have fun. Gay gamers need to just play the games and not expect every game to have a gay option for them.

soundslike2915d ago

i think you are taking this a bit too seriously. especially from a no-name blog...

hazelamy2915d ago

not every game needs it, but when a game lets you decide what your character is like including who they are attracted to then why shouldn't it be an option?
why should they let that character be attracted to somebody of the opposite sex either then?

silkrevolver2915d ago’s all good with me. This just means that games are getting even more complicated and allow more series of interactions. I personally just screw people in the game who will benefit me for doing so... but that’s because I’m a dick.