Comprehensive List of Dead Rising 2 Failures

Writes Binge Gamer's Allison Boyer, "Dead Rising 2 may very well be one of the glitchiest games I’ve played in a long time. This list isn’t just about glitches though. In fact, I’m sure there are a lot of glitches I haven’t come across that aren’t mentioned here. No, this list cover all the shit that is just wrong with this game, a sequel they’ve been working on for years now...yet I can’t freakin’ stop playing it."

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Ahasverus3011d ago

Go on, be a designer, then try to make the perfect game with your awesome ideas.

Then fail hard.

ChronoJoe3011d ago

Eh. DR2 is bad, by design. Doesn't matter if we'd fail. Can't critique content if you can't produce it, now? seems like you'd like to try and debunk the entirety of critical journalism.

What you said was stupid, really.

ico923011d ago

from what I've heard the multi-player beta is absolutely horrific

akiraburn3010d ago

@Ico92, I think you might be referring to Dead Space 2, since Dead Rising 2 is already released and not in multiplayer beta. And actually Dead Space 2's multiplayer component is a lot of fun, but needs a lot more work with balancing. As for this article, I am going to have to agree with ChronoJoe, in my opinion the game was pretty awful by design. I felt that the voice acting, the script/story, the psychopath fights, the fighting mechanics, and in general half the gameplay mechanics all needed a complete scrapping and to be remade from the ground up.

I really felt like the game's weakest points were the story, the writing, and the voice-acting. It had a very cool premise, but the entire thing needed reworking in it's practicality, re-recording with different better voice actors, and re-writing the lines they would be given. The overall feel killing zombies was fun, however beyond that they lost me. Loading times really needed to be improved drastically. I felt it was very unfair to get hit by an opponent, only to continuously be hit while I am still pinned down, with no way to make it up quicker. A lot of the psychopaths had this trait, and it was pretty annoying. I attempted multiplayer "TIR" mode as well, and while it was a bit more fun, it was horridly balanced. And in my experience, all this was just scraping the surface on problems I had with it.

HolyOrangeCows3010d ago

"Go on, be a designer, then try to make the perfect game with your awesome ideas.
Then fail hard"

Absolutely worthless argument. If this were the general law that we lived by, we could criticize 99.999999% of our peers.

If the governor messes up, I'll criticize him.
If a cop shoots an innocent bystander for fun, I'll criticize him.
If a fire chief tries to put out a fire with gasoline....
etc, etc, etc.
Just because I'm not a politician or a cop, doesn't mean I don't have the right to criticize them.

HolyOrangeCows3010d ago

Correction: I meant "we couldn't* criticize"

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Ace Killa 083011d ago

The kid who wrote it complains a lot, the game is solid with a few bumps, but the list seems more of the way the writer wants DR2 in HIS way which is just a few tweaks. Nothing marking this game useless or a POS

dead_eye3011d ago

totally agree. It's like "I don't like it so it must be wrong"

No Way3011d ago

Wow. I can honestly say I haven't run into a lot that he's mentioning.
And, he's essentially complaining that the game is 'too hard' for him.

Like for example, I 'never' had to use a gun if I didn't want to.
You can kill almost every boss, without ever firing a single shot..

TroyAndAbed3011d ago

My problems:

- Writing is terrible.
- Not enough weapons
- Is rechargeable health too much to ask? It's a game meant for FUN! Why go for realism?
- Save points. Ugh!!!
- Production values aren't exactly Half-Life 2...
- The online mini-games are NOT explained at all!
- Matches take forever to get into
- Animations are slow...making it hard to get away sometimes

No Way3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Uhm, how are the online mini-games not explained? o.O
Wait.. not enough weapons? Really? Are you sure you're playin DR2?!
Lots of games don't give you rechargeable health.. are they not fun?

Baka-akaB3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Not enough weapon ?

You can use almost anything from the backgrounds along with true weapons .

How often can you do that ?

"Animations are slow...making it hard to get away sometimes "
"Is rechargeable health too much to ask? It's a game meant for FUN! Why go for realism? "

The point of the game , while having indeed some fun , is to put you in the skin of a regular schmuck dealing with zombies , he is supposed to be slow and not being able to get away from everything that easily ... not joe marine from quake taking their numbers arcade style while recharging health wich medical conveniently lying on every floors , even sewers .

TroyAndAbed3011d ago


You guys are such tools.

Anyone playing the online modes for the first completely confused. They have NO idea what they're doing.

Yes. There are not enough weapons. bat. That's original! bat with nails in it. Even more original!
A bucket? A bucket with drills in it?!? That's awesome! a time... -_-

If I were making Dead would be about the fun. Those "background weapons" all have the EXACT same effect! They do little-to-no damage...and they're just boring. :(

Rechargeable health is something that THIS game would be better with. Don't defend it just because you spent $65 on it. I did too...and it's still not the greatest.

Baka-akaB3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

you are the one behaving like one here .

Let's get something straight , never bought the game (and 65$ wow) and not interested , even if it seems good .
You just seems as whiny as the author here , in the sense that he should just have bought a different game better suiting his tastes .

People do find fun using everydays items , and the game still have a big amount of weapons between normal firearmes and crazy stuff .

This is where you fail hard , among a few other things :

Assault Rifle
Blast Frequency Gun
Mercenary Rifle
Six Shooter
Sniper Rifle

Bow and Arrow
Box of Nails
Golf Club
Lawn Dart
Metal Baseball Bat
Music Discs
Saw Blade
Soccer Ball
Tennis Racquet
Vinyl Records

Bag of Marbles
Beach Ball
Cardboard Cutout
Casino Chips
Fancy Painting
Funny Painting (One of Katey’s gifts, so throw it at a zombie so it doesn’t break)
Giant Die
Giant Stuffed Bull
Giant Stuffed Donkey
Giant Stuffed Elephant
Giant Stuffed Rabbit
Goblin Mask
Hunk of Meat
Liberty Torch
Lizard Mask
Novelty Beer Mug
Novelty Cell Phone
Novelty Liquor Bottle
Novelty Perfume Bottle
Novelty Poker Chip
Playing Cards
Robot Bear
Servbot Mask
Small Painting
Stick Pony
Tiki Mask
Toy Helicopter
Toy Spitball Gun
Treasure Chest
Wacky Hammer
Water Gun
Whipped Cream
Zombie Mask
Acoustic Guitar
Ad Board
Baseball Bat
Bass Guitar
Battle Axe
Bingo Ball Cage
Bowie Knife
Bowling Ball
Boxing Gloves
Broom Handle
Bull Skull
Cactus Plant
Cardboard Box
Cash Register
Cement Saw
Centurion Bust
Chef Knife
Coffee Pot
Comedy Trophy
Computer Case
Construction Hat
Cooking Oil
Cooking Pit
Croupier Stick
Cushioned Tall Chair
Donkey Lamp
Drill Motor
Drink Cart
Electric Guitar
Fancy Bench
Fancy Small Chair
Fancy Tall Chair
Fire Axe
Flower Pot
Foam Hand
Garbage Bag
Garbage Can
Giant Pink Chain Saw

It's not even a complete list , because of characters post limits .

However they may behave , no do try telling us there arent enough weapons ...

Redempteur3011d ago

congrats "Baka-akaB"

With this , the "not enough weapons" argument should be over..

TroyAndAbed3010d ago

Make the longest list you want. They all act like the same weapon! I said that! $65 is the price for a game in the United States, with tax.

I love the game. It just has several problems. Maybe listen next time instead of focusing on one thing I said?

No Way3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The whole damn point of the game is to be fun and realistic.
If you were stuck ina zombie outbreak, what weapons you gon use?
You're going to use anything and everything you can put your hands on.
Regardless of if they do lots damage or little, you use whatcha get.
And, this game basically lets you use anything and everything.
And, they act the same? Really? Not at all.. They all work different.
They coulda just gave you ONE gun and told you to find ammo, and play.
Stop complaining..

No. It wouldn't be better with rechargeable health.
It would take away from the horror and survival aspect of the game.
There would be no reason to carry health items, cept against bosses.
You're the troll..

Also, the first time I played the online mini-games, I had no problem.
They explain exactly what to do in the mini-games before they start.
Move along..

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Baka-akaB3011d ago

"Dead Rising 2 may very well be one of the glitchiest games I’ve played in a long time"

You must not play a lot of games then ...

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