Deus Ex Human revolution off-screen PC video

Here you can see two videos from PC version of DX:HR presented on AMD technology day, it plays with mouse and seems to have a different interface from console versions. The first part is the presentation, the second one is gameplay. The game also features DX11 support as well as eyefinity.

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pr0digyZA2914d ago

Definitely one of my most anticipated games for next year, PC version is looking very nice.

Pandamobile2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Jesus Christ, that NPC has more polygons than Nathan Drake.


Knowing N4G, this will be enough to spark a flame war. G'night :)

Eamon2914d ago

It seems to still be calm. It's because the Sony fanboys don't click on any article that isn't exclusive

ProjectVulcan2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Even without tesselation it has a lot of geometry. Good. Its about time some multiplat games started using the PC performance available to them. More resolution and better framerate is good, but it should be more, there should be better geometry and textures at every turn.

Traditionally Pc games used to have different geometry levels, and massively higher than the consoles of the time. Three years ago crysis could peak over 3 million polygons per frame, nothing can realistically match that on console. Most of these multiplats nowadays though use identical geometry from the lowest setting to the highest settings and just adjust the texture or shader effects.

Meaning even on maximum settings, the game still has circles that look like hexagons even though a good PC can knock out huge amounts of triangles.

Pandamobile2914d ago

Yeah, the amount of geometry a midrange GPU can pump out nowadays is absolutely ridiculous.

humbleopinion2913d ago

I wass pretty much sure that Crysis could push way over 3 Million Polygons. Halo Reach for example is a console game, and Bungie already mentioned that the game itself peaks at 4 Million polygons *more than Halo 3*.

So considering that, I would expect a PC game like Crysis to push an even higher number overall. Modern graphic cards can do more than that, but you need a strong art/modeling team to back that performance up.

ProjectVulcan2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

There is a difference between the figure i quoted and what Bungie were talking about. I was talking about PER FRAME, i.e, what can be seen on screen, in a single rendered frame. A fast PC could manage say 40+ frames a second at that load depending on resolution, meaning well over 120 million polygons a second.

Considering that the peak THEORETICAL (peak theoretical meaning absolutely perfect situation which never exists in 3D rendering) maximum of PS3's RSX rendering nothing but simple polygons with no texturing, shading, NOTHING else related to running a game is little more than double that (275m polys/s), you can see how impressive cryengine 2 is on a powerful machine.

As you highlighted, Bungie actually used the phrase ''4m MORE than halo 3.'' Thats not entirely clear, but pretty much indicates they werent referring to polys/frame. Possibly it refers to polys/sec or environments/characters total, which of course you dont see every last bit of on screen at once, only a fraction of it. 4 million more polygons/sec accounts for 133k more polygons per frame for a 30 frame game like Halo Reach. Certainly that figure sounds realistic, achievable and reasonable especially looking at the baseline of Halo 3 which didnt exactly have the most complex geometry i ever saw....

A game like uncharted 2 peaks around 2m polygons per frame just for reference. So roughly 60 million polys/second, or half Crysis on a good PC.

Letros2914d ago

Good to see they are making use of PC tech, game looks fantastic. Nice Eyefinity setup they are running too =)

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )


I just don't like some developers make use of Nvidia PhysX (which is nice Tech) in some games like Cryostasis, because the ATI Cards run the game with average FPS, the optimization is not good.

I hope developers don't make games that is meant to be played better (like PhysX) on Nvidia or ATI like I mentioned before.

Eyefinity looks good, and looks like this Tech won't compromise the optimization for Nvidia Cards.

tdogg060519912914d ago

I hate the fact that the charecters look beautiful but the mouths are so fridgid. Needs more work but yea ery sexy

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