CoD: Black Ops - New HD Gameplay of "Gun Game" Mode

Some new gameplay footage of CoD Black Ops’s Gun Game mode has just hit YouTube, Check it out below!

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Shoko2969d ago

I appreciate the thing Treyarch is doing: Balanced perks, balanced guns, theater mode, zombie mode, splitscreen online, etc

But all of those upgrades are not really related to the gameplay, or introducing new mechanics, you know? On paper, Black Ops sounds diferent, but when you look at an actual gameplay video, it's know, we've seen this before.

I still may end up getting it though, as I don't own MW2.

-Alpha2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

If you don't like the core gameplay, then you never will. COD isn't going to change that for a small minority when it has a huge majority that like it the way it is.

What would you like to see anyway?

Changing the core mechanics is dangerous. You have a huge crowd following you who love the way the game plays, and tampering with that in any major way isn't a good thing.

I still love COD's gameplay to this day. It's butter-smooth, extremely addictive, and fast paced. I like the tight corridors, I like the speed, and I enjoy the intensity of a S&D game when you are all alone.

deadreckoning6662969d ago

The multiplayer looks OUTFREAKINGSTOUNDING, but what finally sold me was the zombie mode. Can't wait to see the new additions Treyarch has made to it.

Shoko2969d ago

"Changing the core mechanics is dangerous."

Both companies are very talented devs, they could make it work. And experienced Smash Bros player can tell you that each game plays differently, yet it still retains that same feel. Killzone 3 feels different than Killzone 2, people still love it. (the ones that are in the Beta)

I understand the fact that it has a huge fanbase so they don't have to really change the mechanics (Same situation with Halo Reach), but this is the 7th game in, it's time for some change. IT is a sequel, but it's like the MILLIONTH sequel.

Fred-G-Sanford2969d ago

Call of Duty games are the only games that I buy on day 1, without hesitation.

I have loved every single game in the series (yes, even COD 3) so until they make one that I don't like, I will continue buying, playing and loving them.

-Alpha2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Call of Duty games do feel different from each other though. The core mechanics are still the same, but there are changes in the gameplay in all games that make the game feel different.

There as an especial change from CoD4 to MW2. It still feels that same, but plays differently.

I also don't see how SSB added a whole lot to change their core mechanics. If SSB is different then how isn't CoD?

It's the 7th game, but I've only started playing at #4, and in terms of online gaming this is what people usually start with. Again, if you don't like it then I don't see that you ever really will.

I think what you want is a new IP or a new game. I wouldn't mind that happening, and if I do get bored with the COD style games I play the many other shooters that are different-- BC2, K2/K3, etc.

However, to totally change the core mechanics is like trying to force a game you don't like into changing it to the way you want it. You just have to find yourself another shooter.

TengkuAmir102969d ago

The only thing I don't like about COD is that it costs me money. Not literally though. It ruins the DS3's L3 button. After around 300-400 hours put into the multi-player, you'll start to feel it getting wiggly and giggly which is not a good sign. I have 2 controllers right now, one FF13 limited edition and one sixaxis old model. The old model suffers from this and for that, I have to buy a new DS3 so that I don't completely ruin the analog stick or so I don't risk my Limited edition FF13 controller. It's kinda stupid in a way because my 360 controller does NOT suffer from this kinda thing. The analog is perfectly hard and it won't get loose after a while.

Millah2969d ago

@ Shoko

"And experienced Smash Bros player can tell you that each game plays differently"

And experienced COD players would say the exact same thing about Call of Duty games. So your point is completely irrelevant. Publishers do not allow developers to change the core mechanics for a game that has 15+ million users playing the game. Thats just stupidity and suicide.

Activision wouldn't even allow Infinity Ward to change the game to a modern setting in COD2, and that was way before when the game wasn't even nearly as successful as it is today.

HolyOrangeCows2969d ago

"I appreciate the thing Treyarch is doing: Balanced perks"

umm....ha ha?

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toaster2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

ROFL this is ripped straight out of CS:S. Way to be original.. it's alright though since I love GGMD which this basically is. Mods + GG = win. Reverse gungame is more fun though, since you start off with a good gun and then work your way to pistols, then grenades, then knives. GG is great because it gets you familiar with every weapon. Guns are rewarded by kills, more kills, better guns. The point of the game is to get to the highest level, and then the round is over. In CS:S knives are accompanied by "GOTCHA BITCH" or "HUMILIATION" quake sound and the person who got knifed loses a level and the person who did the shanking earned a level. In reverse it's even harder.. on the last level you get a flashbang and a grenade and the only way to win the match is to knife someone. Hard as fuck but fun as hell.

Very good game, I mainly play in GunGame servers so maybe Black Ops is worth picking up. Just one less thing for modders to do :D. I usually bash CoD for having tiny maps, but for gungame tiny maps are good since it keeps the matches quick, you don't want a long drawn out round of gungame as it can get real tedious.

CoD graphics sure aren't spectacular though.. I was expecting better, but hey it's CoD. More about the $$$ and less about pushing hardware.

@ fishy

Naw when you have only 10-15 people a server it's better if you just play quick rounds. I go to AOD GG servers and the rounds last about 10 minutes max. It never gets boring since maps are always polled and rotated. I just finished playing some as a matter of fact.

Fishy Fingers2969d ago

Yeah reversed is great, sometimes that Glock can be a real pain in the ass though. I also like 2/3 kills per change, games are over to quick else.

Shackdaddy8362969d ago

I kinda rather the counterstrike version. Teams just feel so much better imo...

phosphor1122969d ago

God damn these developers are original.

tdrules2969d ago

i play CSS Gun Game almost religiously, and this looks pretty cool too.
it's a bit backwards to complain when another game copies each other, cos it means Gun Game can be experienced by even more people

toaster2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Yeah I play gg pretty much religiously as well. 1. Because I can't surf for shit, 2. Deathmatch is just too boring and repetitive, 3. I pretty much fail at planting explosives, and 4. I couldn't give a rats ass about hostages. I play scout knives as well, that and gg are the most fun imo.

Not to sound like a hipster or anything, but things like gg where only a select few know about it makes it even more fun. aka "I liked it before it became popular" :3 lmao. But yeah it's good that people get to experience something new. It'll still be better on CS:S though ;) one and only baby.

@ fishy

Oh man the Glock.. that's gotta be the most useless weaponin the game. You don't even get points for Glock kills when you're on grenade level. It sucks bro, in the server play in you get three grenades a Glock and a knife on lvl 23 (2nd to last lvl in this case) and if you run out then all you can do is die, killing with the Glock does nothing for you.

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JLeVRT2969d ago

actually... this game doesnt look too bad. MW2 wasnt bad either.

Shoko2969d ago


Brawl feels heavier and slower than Melee. Like I said, any experienced SSB player can tell you that. and Melee was faster and tighter than the original. All 3 games felt VERY different from eachother but they still managed to keep the gameplay the same.

And in your first post, you insinuated that all the CoD games feel the same way, "I still love COD's gameplay to this day..", but then you go and say they feel differently.

And don't think about yourself. This may be your 4th but for most of us, we've played every single one.

And Im not complaining. If I don't like the game I won't buy it, simple as that. Im complaining about the industry and devs and how they refuse to take things to the next level. Instead, they feed us the same game with extra cherries on top and you people eat it up.

-Alpha2969d ago

"And in your first post, you insinuated that all the CoD games feel the same way, "I still love COD's gameplay to this day..", but then you go and say they feel differently"

I am differentiating between "Core" gameplay and the mechanics surrounding it that change/affect that core.

At the core the speed, pace, perks, and way the guns feel all give a specific feel to COD. However, there is a difference in those perks, guns, speed, pacing in the COD games.

I would assume the same can be said about SSB players who still enjoy the familiar gameplay, but can appreciate the changes to warrant a different playstyle. Like you said, they are different games, with a familiar feel.

I get that you have a problem with the annual releases, but once again, what exactly is "the next level" you want COD to take in terms of gameplay? Maybe if I understood that I could get a better sense

TheGameFoxJTV2969d ago

Made me want to go play CS:S.

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TheLastGuardian2969d ago

This looks like fun. I'm glad treyarch is being creative in making new modes. I haven't played a COD game since 4 so I am excited to get back in the game but at the same time I have a feeling I going to get humiliated quite a bit.

Fishy Fingers2969d ago

Awesome, still play it on CS:S most days.

SmokexFFx2969d ago

Isn't that Dante from WCG season 1?

2969d ago
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