Gran Turismo 5 releasing on Dec 3rd according to

Gamersmint: Looks like Gran Turismo 5′s going to release on 3rd December, 2010, atleast that’s what online retailer ShopTo has listed on its pre-order page for the game.

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cyborg2921d ago

be the case, it shares the same date as the previous one, although a month late. Plus, this bodes well with their planned december release and Black Ops would already be in the market for more than a week by then. Which would see it's initial craze die down.

I am pretty sure it's gonna be the case

MariaHelFutura2921d ago

It should be released on the 25th. Santa/Satan would be getting lots of props this year.

TheRealMorganWebb2921d ago

I heard it comes out in 2012.

R2D22921d ago

It would not make any sense to release it that year.

Shadow Flare2921d ago

Unless GT5 is what causes the world to end. Definitively.

Dee_912921d ago

hope not i still want a nov. release date
i cant wait another month

Hideo_Kojima2921d ago

The website that lost my bank details along with a lot of others peoples who bought Killzone 2 from their site and than said they didn't lose anything even though I had only used my card with them.

That website is so unprofessional that I wouldn't be surprised if they were told to keep the release date quite and yet they leaked it by posting it on their site.

Its made up from a bunch of twats.
Good deals though.

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Hanif-8762921d ago

Wow, its on my Birthday :-)

rekonizakilla2921d ago

Hope so. That's my birthday

hennessey862921d ago

im getting bored of forza and turn10 for that matter

steel212921d ago

Wow that happens to be on my birthday!!

MicroSony4Life2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I am not sure how game of the year works but since GT 5 is coming out in Dec of 2010 will it be a 2010 of 2011 GOTY contender?

GT 5 is a strong contender for GOTY but there is no denying that it has some stiff competition from games like Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption, not to mention CastleVania which is a very underrated game and we still have to see what Black Ops deliver.

2011 does not look like a walk in the park either with games like GEARS 3, Brink,Crysiz,Rage,Bullet Storm, LBP2,Killzone 3.

acedoh2921d ago

until Amazon and Gamestop make an official release date. It would be great if it does but for now I am not holding out any hope. I have been waiting for the day to open my Collectors Edition.

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prongs1232921d ago

About time, I hope this is true.

P.S: They are giving a sweet pre-order discount to it seems. Can't wait

foker2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

troll moar !!

Dark-Cloud2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

it doesn't need to avoid anything , if the game comes out in 2nd november i would buy gt5 instead of blacops and kinect .... it won't stop me but i already have money to buy gt5 , blackops and assassin creed brotherhood too ......... kinect failed even befor the release date !! why would i buy it ? .. no good games ( only pew pew { don't know the name of the game} , lol ... it's good because it's funny XD ) , always have problems in E3 and place like that ....

GT5 will come this year !! so all stop saying it's not coming this year or it doesn't exist !!! idiots !!! >.< ... they put demos and videos , that prove the game will come this year .....
sorry for bad english ...

2921d ago
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