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For a game that will go on to provide countless hours of post-apocalyptic adventuring, New Vegas starts with a note of finality: your character being shot in the head by a smirking gangster, oddly voiced by Chandler out of Friends.

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gamerzBEreal172920d ago

i have this game but im stuck at the part where u need to help the zombies/aliens fix there ship and he told me to look where traders are and i really dont want to always get stuck on this game like i am now does it get easier to understand? can someone help me?

ThatCanadianGuy2920d ago

You mean the Ghouls & the rocket? Go to the scrapyard and talk to the old women to buy the thingys.It's free if you have the lady killer perk tho, soo..yeah..

RankFTW2920d ago

I'm at the end bit where you... heh nah only kidding, spoilers suck.

MexicanAppleThief2920d ago

It's just a side quest, calm down.

Mista T2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

go and buy the key from the guy that has the store in the t rex thing, in his closet he has these limited edition toys that have the radiated stuff what the gouls are looking for, also if you have a stealth boy, use it to steal the gun called "that gun" worth more then 1000 caps! :P

also down the road there's a lady that lives like in a shed/garage type thing. talk to her durring the day to hear her offer for the componet the gouls need for the rocket. if you don't like that offer, go back durring the night when she's asleep and use a stealth boy to pickpocket her while she's in bed to steal the key that's needed to open up the box that's locked that have the componets in them. sneak out and you just saved yourself around 500 caps!

long explanation, but I wanted to help :P

allysaurus872920d ago

If the game continues to get overall pretty good reviews I'll be glad.

fossilfern2920d ago

I still havnt got mine! FUCKING ROYAL MAIL! this is the 2nd time they have been late with a pre order sent mine on time but it was suppose to be here on friday ! and tomorrow is sunday and there is no post on a sunday! :(

thesithfreak2920d ago

fallout sucks plain and simple. overrated piece of shit. and its the shitty games that get popular. this'll end up with yearly installments

thesithfreak2920d ago

disagree all you want, but it's you playing an uninspired, buggy, unfinished excuse for an RPG, not me. oblivion does atmosphere, story, and questing better. borderlands does shooting mechanics better. fallout falls in the sorry ass in between where it gets nothing good.

meanwhile, i can play Demon's Souls for half the price and twice the enjoyment..10 times the enjoyment. and if i want open world, i have plenty of better choices

dirtydbz2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

well sorry for the previous comment but you can't just spout the game sucks
yes it is buggy but I like the concept considering final fantasy has been a disapointment and I wasn't thrilled with dragon age fallout is now my rpg of chioce because of the story
I really hope versus 13 is better than 13
square's last great game was crisis core on psp
and I actually played final fantasy on nes so yeah I am old as dirt for a gamer

thesithfreak2920d ago

lol i hate call of duty. where do you see any call of duty reference in my comment? i played fallout, it would be my cup of tea if they got it right. the first 2 fallouts were way better. bethesda pretty much said "lets take oblivion, and put it in fallout, quick money" and it shows. btw the game is not challenging

DTG_The_Man2920d ago

"overrated piece of shit."

At least say something factual with your opinion. You shoulda said, "overrated piece of shit that makes a fuckton of moo-lah"

And, while I can't change your opinion, I can say that I completely disagree. Truthfully, I haven't been immersed in any game as much as this... EVER. I wasn't even this immersed in Fallout 3.

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