Yahoo: Vanquish Review

Yahoo: "There is none more explosive in the field of one-player sci-fi action, but a generic robot theme and unforgiving challenges could prove too off-putting for some people.

Say it isn’t so: Looks like the humble high-score is back in vogue! We can’t recall the last time we seriously played games to make our mark on the Leaderboards. ‘Vanquish’ could be the game to make it seriously matter again. You can get to the end. Can you do it with panache?"

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VictoriousOne2969d ago

Yahoo is a joke when it comes to reviewing games and making top 10 lists. Check out their list of the Top 10 Games of the Decade just for the giggles:

10. Super Mario Galaxy
9. Half Life 2
8. Wii Fit
7. Bejeweled
6. Wii Sports
5. Halo
4. Guitar Hero
3. The Sims
2. World of Warcraft
1. Grand Theft Auto III

come_at_me_bro2969d ago

What's supposed to be funny about that list? All of those games, with the exception of Super Mario Galaxy, were huge game changers for the industry.

CameronL992969d ago

bejeweled was not a game changer, it was just some game people played all day while bored at work, thus the huge number of hours and downloads. It was something you could play at work in between errands, nothing more. Same as farmville.

Thing is, the only 2 actual good games on that list are GTA3 and half life 2, halo was adequate at enough things and had the super mario style cartoony graphics to entice enough twitching, drooling, mouth breathing xbox tards to buy it in droves - likely also because there was absolutely nothing else to play on the original xbox when it came out, so it had no competition and no worries of being overshadowed by something else on the same console.

RememberThe3572969d ago

Being a "game changer" doesn't make it a top game. That wasn't a list of the top ten game changing games, it was their top ten games of the decade as in the best. I can count 2 on their list that would be on mine.

come_at_me_bro2969d ago

CameronU2Fan, that comment is hardly worth responding to. Bejeweled and The Sims proved there was a huge untapped market for the industry to cater to. That "game people just played all day while bored at work" made a lot of money and got people thinking "Hey, we could make a lot of money too". Thus the casual gaming demographic became a huge shift in focus. Whether or not it was a good game isn't the point. Sorry that went over your head.


Being a significant title that helped shape the future of gaming is something I would consider a "Top Game", but that doesn't necessarily make it good. Regardless of your opinion and my opinion, it's clear you didn't read the first page of Yahoo's list.

"Saying the year "2010" out loud is bizarre, especially since we still don’t ride around in flying cars. But where science has failed us, video games have not. The past decade has been gaming's greatest: ten solid years filled with spectacular technological feats, record-setting sales and, of course, awesome, awesome games. Some, however, are more awesome than others. Taking quality, influence, sales and general greatness into account, here are our picks for the top ten titles released between 2000 and 2009. "

cliffnotes: The pre-requisites of their list was not only quality, but influence and money printing ability. My list would only feature maybe two of their games as well, but their list is completely valid and doesn't discredit their opinion on video games as VictoriousOne tried to put forward.

guzman2968d ago

Great game and an utterly laughable top 10 list from yahoo. Nice thing about these top 10's is they are forgotten just as fast as they appear.

guzman2968d ago

It's mainly a top 10 for the U.S. and hardly inclusive of global tastes. If it was, where's DDR and Pokemon? At anyrate it doesn't matter, this article is already forgotten.

Vinushka2969d ago

Great score, great game.