New Screenshots of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit are Amazing

Some brand new screenshots from the upcoming racing game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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DoctorXpro2915d ago

Good, but not Gran Turismo good.

MaximusPrime2915d ago

dont compare it with Gran Turismo. compare it with Forza

CaptainMarvelQ82915d ago

not even comparable to neither GT5 nor Forza

ExplosionSauce2915d ago

Think they meant graphics-wise, not gameplay.

sak5002915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Better looking than forza and better damage effects though than both GT and Forza.

plb2915d ago

Looks like a good game but don't make yourself look stupid comparing it to GT5

Downtown boogey2915d ago

He IS right though! The crashes are definitely better looking and more visceral on this one.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2915d ago

You're placing a multiplat in the same category as an exclusive. But I have to admit this multiplat looks damn good.

Cherchez La Ghost2915d ago

There is no diffrence between a exclusive and a multiplatform. A game is a game.

iamgoatman2915d ago

Bubbles for Cherchez.

Getting sick of people downplaying multi-platform games because they believe exclusives by default are just "better", which is a load of bollocks to be fair.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Christ...did they say what I think they said? Or maybe is just that MS doesn't have any exclusives for the box just multiplats.

So GT5 and NFS are on par with each other? lol

ct032915d ago

On a half-decent system this will whoop GT butt, no doubt.

renegade2915d ago

gt physics will talk with them self...

shazui1232915d ago

LMAO no. Just like Dirt 2 was nowhere near even on a high-end system.

ct032915d ago

Sure, PS3Kids. Sure.

Lightsaber2915d ago

Only reason GT5 looks so good is cause they only detailed about 200 cars the rest are low poly models. Forza Detailed every car plus you can add 4000 layers of customs paint to them it you took out the custom paint and only detailed about 200 cars it look just as good a gt5. NFS speed has very detailed 3D cities for you to drive around while both Forza and gt5 background are mostly flat or low poly. Each dev spend the sources of the systems very differently so it not really fair to compare them based sololy on a few screen shots.

Forza = Customable
GT5 = Select Car graphics
NFS = Aracde Racing and pocile chases aka over all fun

sak5002915d ago

Agreed but what's "pocile chases " ?

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St02915d ago

Looking forward to the demo on the 26th

vTuro242915d ago

Demo on the 26th October?
I will definitely try it out. :D

iistuii2915d ago

The reason they believe a multi is inferior is because they always look and play better on the 360, that's the only reason. On topic, I prefer the arcade type of racer ala PGR, Dirt, NFS, etc, as the sims like GT and Forza bore me shitless.

shazui1232915d ago

No it's because exclusives push graphical boundaries whereas multiplats don't and in the main exclusives are rated much higher. There are articles on this if you wanna read

iistuii2915d ago

Of the best games ive played this year are multi's. FIFA, Madden, Red dead to name a few,and if they are not the graphical showcase so what,. By the way if you want REAL graphics with proper AA get a pc as even you beloved PS3 exclusives are full of jaggies and are mostly 720p.

iamgoatman2915d ago

Oh yeah, they MUST be better because their graphics are ever so slightly superior /s

I suggest you play some multiplats on PC and then see how they compare to your precious exclusives in terms of graphics. Metro 2033 ring a bell?

Some of the best games this generation have been multiplats, and the idea that just because a game is exclusive to a particular platform someone makes them better by default is simply moronic.

Oh and please, I'd love to read these articles you speak of.

xg-ei8ht2915d ago

Best graphics on PC - Crysis,Metro.

Best graphics on PS3 - Uncharted 2,GOW3,Killzone3.

Best graphics on 360 - Gears 1, Alan Wake

Best multiplat graphics on console - Castlevania.


Multiplats are close these days.

Castlevania - PS3
Vanquish - PS3.

Things are a changing.

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