Folklore Video Exclusives

The source is a french website, but it has 2 'exclusive' videos showing gameplay from the PS3 game folklore.


Here is a google translation of the text in the article...

Recently announced on PSP (as this news evokes it), Folklore arrived there is little on Playstation Store French via a demonstration of version PS3. The occasion for Rédac' to make you divide two vidéos exclusive this demonstration, corresponding to two quite distinct levels where two different heroes are controlled: soft Ellen and curious Keats. Good visionnage!

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MK_Red4160d ago

It's sad that this little gem is being kinda overshadowed by games like Lair and Heavenly Sword. These are all superb games that deserve equal attention.

jtmill074160d ago

I agree. I really liked the demo. The little bit of the store I saw it really looked like something I could get into. I do wish they would have spent I little money on voice acting but all in all it was a good game IMO.

PStriple7034160d ago

don't sleep on folklore the demo was amazing

Power of Red4160d ago

love the demo, i've played that demo for about 8 times now